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This lesson explains the chapter of Citizenship in detail.

Prasanna Naidu
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Great job sir.....thanks a lot.....keep going.....
Prasanna Naidu
2 years ago
Sorry for the delay, but I have started uploading lessons now. Checkout the latest on Fundamental Duties.
  1. Art.5 Domiciled in india & 3 conditions Art.6 Migrated from Pakistan COl if he or his parents or grandparents born in undivided India & 2 conditions Art.7 Migrated to Pakistan but later returned to India for 2 Kinds of people Rights denied to aliens-> Art. 15,16,19,29.30 Right to vote, Contest elections, Hold c public offices Art.8- PIO residing outside India COl if registered as CO by diplomatic or consular rep of India in that country Constitutional Provisions Art.9- No person COi if voluntarily acq citizenship of foreign state Single Citizenship Art.10- Every COl shall continue to be COl subject to provisions of law made by the Parliament Loss Art.11 Parliament's power Citizenship Incorporation of Territory OOA 26/Jan/1950- 1/July/1987- Citizen.irrespective of.. 0A 1/July/1987-COI only if either parent COI 00A 3/Dec/2004-COI only if both parents COI Children of foreign dipiomats cildren of enemy aliens cquisition Naturalisation Descent Registration 00A 26/Jan/1950-10/Dec/1992-COI if father Col PIO resident in India- 7yrs be O0A 10/Dec/1992-Cor if either parent Co a subject or Citizen of f he is a Citizen renounce OOA 3/Dec/2004 not col unless PlO resident outside Married to COl & resident in India- 7yrs before Minor Children Parents registered as CO Earlier C01 or either parents earlier COI & residing in 00A 3/Dec/2004 not COI unless r resided in India or been in service of Govt in India . 12 months OoA On or After PIO Person of Indian Origin COl Citizen Of India Bouring 11 yrs 14 yrs preceeding above 12 months not less than Earlier col or either parents earlier Col & residing in d Character India 1 yr before te knowledge of a Language Registered as an overseas COl for 5 yrs & residing in intention to reside India 1 yr before