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Centre - State Relations I
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This lesson covers Legislative & Administrative relations under the Chapter of Centre - State Relations.

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plz post more problems which will be useful for xat Preparation
  1. Territorial extent of Central & State legislature Partiament- whole or any part of India State Legislature - whole or any part of State Laws of parliament..restrictions 1) President....Union Territories 2) Governor..Scheduled area 3) Governor Assam...tribal area Distribution of Executive Powers Union List Centre State List State Concurrent List-State Obligation of States & Centre Executive power of State compliance with Parliament Laws Distribution of Legislative Subjects 3 Lists - Union, State, Concurrent to make Laws- Residuary subjects Parliament & Conflicts between Lists Centre's Direction to the States Power of Railways Legislative Relations Facilities for instruction -mother-tongue - linguistic minorty groups Specific Parliamentary legislation in the State field schemes welfare of Scheduled Tribes President entrust executive functions of Cent.Goto Govemor may entrust executive functions of St. Govt to Parliament can make laws on State subjects, when Raiya Sabha Passes a Resolution States make a request To implement International Agreements During President's Rule Mutual Delegation of Functions St.Govt with Consent of St.Govt Cent Govt with Consent of Cent.Govt arliament can do so even without Consent Centre's control over state legisiature President's absolute veto - certain Bills of State on certain State List matters sanction of President Financial Emergency- President reserve money Bills, other Financial Bills Cooperation Between the Centre & States inter State river dispute- Parliament provide adjudication Bills nter State Council Administrative Relations All India Services Public Service Commissions Appointments Governor, Removal President UPSC helps States on request Center State Relations Protection of the States Interest Certain Bills to be introduced on recommendation of pSCstates Financial Relations Allocation of Taxing Powers Borrowing by the Centre & the States cent.Govt can bomow within India or outside States can borrow within India not abroad Cent Govt-loans to States prev outstanding loan. Integrated Judicial System Parliament taxes- Union List State-taxes State List Both-taxes Concurrent List Residuary power - Partiament Relations during Emergencies Other Provisions Distribution of Tax Revenues Centre Protect State Exemption of Central Property from State Taxation Exemption of State Property from Central Taxation Grants In Aid to the States r appointed by President Statutory Grants State Election Commissioner-appoint. . Governor, removal. .President Grants Effects of Emergencies National Emergency r Grants Extra Constitutional Devices Finance Commission make recommendations to President