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FRs - Right to Freedom of Religion
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This lesson discusses Art.25 - 28 (Right to Freedom of Religion)

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Hi Abhishek the answer 10800 becomes total loss isnt not the number of oranges?
Abhishek Pandey
10 months ago
divide units you will get the number of oranges as well.
  1. Article 25: Freedom of Conscience & Free Profession, Practice & Propagation of Religion Prof. Pra Pro Conscience- relation with God Profess Declaration of beliefs & faith Practice rituals, worship, ceremonies Propagate Transmission & dissemination but no forcible conversion Article 28: Freedom from Attending Religious Instruction No Religious instruction - edu institution maintained by State funds Allowed if Edu Institution administered by State but est. under any endowment or trust if Edu institution-recognized by State or receiving aid out of State funds No person - religious instruction or worship without consent. Right to Freedom of Religion Article 26: Freedom to Manage Religious Affairs Est& maintain institutions Manage its own affairs own & acquire property (mov/immov) Administer such property Article 27: Freedom from Taxation for Promotion of a Religion No person compel to pay tax State should not spend public money No tax but fee can be levied