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Jurisdiction & Powers of Supreme Court
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This lesson covers types of Jurisdiction & Powers of Supreme Court

Prasanna Naidu
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bhai apki vedioo me sound low hai bohot
  1. Ordinary sc decides disputes between e Centre & one or more States . Centre & any State or States on one side & one or more States on the other Between 2 or more States Appellate e Appeals -judgements of lower courts Exclusive Original Jurisdiction Other Powers Ultimate Interpreter of Constitution s law binding on all courts Withdraw cases, Transfer cases Review its own judgement Appeals in Constitutional matters Writ Empowered to issue Writs(Habeas Corpus, against HC judgement- if HC certifies - substantial qt of law interpretation of Constitution Mandamus, Prohibition, Quo Warranto & Certiorari) Aggrieved person FR violated - not necessarily Appeals in Civil matters by appeal against HC of law - needs to be decided by SC judgement- if HC certifies- substantial qt it juris not exclusive HCs al so empowered Judicial Revieww Appeals in Criminal matters Power to examine constitutionality legislative enactments, executive orders - If the HC . on appeal has reversed acquittal and sentenced to Jurisdiction & Powers of Supreme Court Central & State Govt death taken any case from subordinate court -convicted accused & sentenced death . A Court of Record Advisory Records(Judgements, proceedings, Acts) evidentiary value legal precedents, references Power to punish Contempt President - opinion of sc -matters(2 categories) certifies case fit for appeal to SC . any qt of law or fact of public imp . any dispute arising out of any pre-constitutionalby Spl leave treaty, agreement, covenant, etc SC discretion - spl leave to appeal- any judgement any court except military tribunal & court martial