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This lesson covers the Chapter of Municipalities and explains all 8 types of Municipalities.

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10 months ago
  1. Municipal Corporation Big Cities Mumbai, Dethi, Bangalore, etc 3 Authorities(Council, Standing Committees, Council Composition - Councillors, Nominated persons Commissioner) urban Local Government types 74th Amendment Act, 1992 subject dealt with 3 ministries .Legislative wing Councillors-directly elected by people Head-Mayor- presides over meetings of Council Standing Committees Ministry of Urban Development Ministry of Defence cantonments . Facilitate working of council . deal with public works, edu, health, finance, etc . Take decisions in their fields Municipality Ministry of Home Affairs- Union Territories owns & Smaller cities Municipal Commissioner Responsible for implementation of decisions taken by Council & Standing Committees 3 Authorities(Council, Standing Committees, Chief Exec Municipalities . Appointed by State Govt. & generally.... IAS Council Legislative wing Head-President/Chairman-Unlike Mayor administration- executive powers Notified AreaCteeStanding Committees similar functions Special Purpose Agency Vfor specific functions (legitimately) belonging to ror 2 types of areas hiet Fast developing town Town which not fulfill conditions for municipality but considered imp by State Govt 8 Types Exec Officer day to day general administration . Municipalities Autonomous body ex-Housing Boards, Pollution Control Boards, Electricity Functions notified in Gazette Supply Boards, etc. Town Area Committee Port Trust or port areas like Mumbai, Chennal, Kolkata, etc. Purpose-manage & protect ports, provide civic amenities Small Town limited no. of civic functions like drainage, roads, street Cantonment Board Functions similar to Municipality lighting, etc. or Civililans in cantonment area Functions Act (Separately passed by State) unctions - Act (Separately passed by State) Township works under Detence Ministry Est. by large Public Enterprises civic amenities staft & workers - living near plant of Central Govt. Town Administrator- appointed by Enterprise Functions- similar to Municipality Executive Officer appointed by President of India