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Constitutional Bodies
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Covers all Constitutional Bodies in one Mindmap stating important functions of each.

Prasanna Naidu
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Sir while calculating pressure drop or head loss...we have Darcy formula and one 32uVL/D^2... I have a confusion which to use where cz even when friction loss is not mentioned in the questions the Dracy's formula is used and when nothing is concerned with friction then also it has been used and sometimes opposite. What is the real concept behind it ?
This equation is only valid for laminar flow. Depending upon the data given in question.
Afaque umer
a year ago
ok.. equting both gives 64/Re .....both gives approximate same answers only slight variation in decimal places i provided the flow is laminar we can use anyone right ?
  1. Election Commission composed of Chief Election Commissioner + other C Functions Direction, control, elections Parliament, State Legislatures, office of President & VP for panchayats & municipalities State Election Commission Attorney General of Indial Advocate General of India Chief Law Officer of Govt give advice to Govt on legal matters on behalf of Govt in Courts Union Public Service Commission/ State Public Service Commission Composed of Chairman & other members Removal-Insolvent, Paid employment outside, Unfit Functions recruit All India Services, Central Services- perform such other duties assigned advices Govt Constitutional Bodies Comptroller Auditor General Conducts Audit of expenditure, Ascertain- money disbursed - purpose utilised 3 Audit Reports (appropriation accounts, finance accounts, public undertakings) President lays reports before Parliament - Public Accounts Committee examines findings to Parliament Finance Commission composed of Chairman + 4 members Functions - distribution of net proceeds of taxes. grants in aid to States, other matters Commission report to President- President National Commission for SCs National Commission for STs memorandum before Parliament Composed of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson & 3 members Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities investigate matters - safeguards- linguistic Functions- investigate matters safeguards for SCs/STs, inquire into specific complaints, advice in socio- eco development of SCsISTs minorities Commission report to President -President memorandum before Parliament Commission- report to President - President memorandum before Parliament