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Basic Structure of the Constitution
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This lesson helps you remember the elements of Basic Structure of Constitution with the help of a story.

Prasanna Naidu
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national hobby????????????
Faisal faiz
2 years ago
being always late on lighter note :p
naah applying for upsc is national hobby
Faisal faiz
2 years ago
  1. Shankari Prasad case SC Art.368 power to amend FR Golak Nath case SC reversed its stand 24th Amendment Act (1971) - amended Art 13 & Kesavananda Bharati case Sc upheld 24th 42nd Amendment Act (1976) - amended 368 - no Minerva Mills cae(1980) 368 limitation Basic Structure of Constitution Waman Rao case(1981) Elements of Basic Structure Supremacy of Constitution Sovereign, democratic & republican nature of the Indian Polity Secular character of the Constitution Separation of Powers between the legislature, executive & judiciary Federal character of the Constitution Unity & Integrity of the nation Welfare state(socio-economic justice) Judicial review Freedom & dignity of the individual Parliamentary system Rule of law Harmony & balance between FR's & DpSp Principle of Equality Free & fair elections Independence of Judiciary Limited power of Parliament to amend the Constitution Effective access to justice Principle of reasonableness Powers of the SC under Art. 32, 136, 141 & 142