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MCQs from History class 8 NCERT - Part 8
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Course covering most probable MCQ's from History Class 8 NCERT covering topics from Modern Indian history. The sub topics are people with different occupations during British rule;Education policy; women,caste and reform movements; Visual arts, Indian national Movement; India after Independence

Sathvika Sabineni
From Hyderabad, Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains, loves to make decorative items with Newspaper

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Sir please app UGC NET Plus course vi lijiye. APP PLUS course lenge to UGC NET computer science subscriber ko bohat help hoga sir. please atleat roj 2 hr ka time dijiye UGC NET k liye
ques no 12 tats deaf hear implied bomb threw in b.k dutt he was one of the revolutionary terrorists(RT)..but how we take ths as common for all RT ppl.
Khilafat movement was not started by Mahatma Gandhi but by Mohammed Ali and Shaukat Ali and they supported Mahatma Gandhi in Non cooperation movement as both occured at same time.
satvika moderatar did nothing for poors even they did not want to involve in social issues and in theory moderators deemed englishes as redeemer of india
  1. MCQ'S History Class 8 NCERT Presented by Sathvika

  2. ABOUT ME B.Tech (ECE) Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains Appeared for inter view IBPS PO twice, Air Force ppeared for interview twice, FCI(MT) Hobbies: News paper craft, candle making Rate, Review, Recommend

  3. 1. Vandematarm Movement was result of a. Partition of Bengal b. Annulment of partition of Bengal c. Revoking Ilbert bill d. Tax on salt

  4. Solution : A Swadeshi movement . In deltaic Andhra it is known as Vandematarammovement

  5. Book poverty and unbritish rule in India was written by a. Ramesh Chandra Dutt b. G. Subramania Iyer b. Subramania lyer c. Ghokale d. Dadabhai Naoroji d. Uadabnai INaoro11

  6. Solution : D R C Dutt-economic history of India G. V Joshi, Prithwis Chandra Ray

  7. 3.C onsider the following statements about moderates Though they were educated elite they fought for poor too 2. They wanted to create awareness in public about unjust nature of british rule Choose the incorrect statements a Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  8. Solution : D

  9. 4. C onsider the following statements about all india Muslim league 1. Formed at Dacca in 1906 2. It opposed the partition of Bengal but on condition of separate electorates for Muslims Choose the correct statements a. Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  10. Solution : A It supported the partition of Bengal

  11. 5. Lucknow pact was signed between a. Moderates and extremists b. Congress and Muslim League c. Muslim League and British d. Moderates and British

  12. Solution B In 1916 To Force british agree with their demands

  13. Solution : C

  14. 8.Which of the following is the main reason for Khilafat movement Imposing harsh treatment on Turkish sultan b. a. Jallianwala massacre C. Swara d. Rowlatt act

  15. 9. Consider the following statements about Non-cooperation movement 1. British titles were surrendered, legislatures boycotted 2. Thousands of students l 2 Thousands of students left government schools Choose the correct statements a Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  16. Solution:C Import of foreign cloth fell drastically

  17. 10. Mahants in Punjab in modern India were 10. Mahants in Punjab in modern India were a. Khalsa heads b. Religious functionaries Big merchants d. Traders

  18. Solution B

  19. 12. Jallianwala Bagh atrocities happened during a. Dandi march b. Swadeshi movement c. Rowlatt satyagraha d. Non-cooperation Movement

  20. 13. First Independence day in british India or independent India was obser ved on a. 26 January 1950 b. 26 January 1930 c. 15 August 1947 d. 15 August 1950

  21. Consider the following statements about Dandi March 1 It did not divide the rich and poor as the grievance was 14. shared by everybody 2 First Indian women president of INC was active member of Dandi March Choose the correct statements a Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2 either I nor

  22. Solution : C

  23. 15.Non-cooperation Movement ended with Chauri chaura incident b. Jallianwala bagh massacre c. Arrest ot all national leaders d. Annulment of partition of bengal

  24. Solution : A Jallianwala Bagh - ended Rowlatt satyagraha Annulment of partition- Swadeshi movement