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MCQs from History Class 6 NCERT Part-1
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Covers the most probable questions from NCERT Class 6 for various government exams .This course covers questions from topics from Ancient India like historic evidences; early cities; burials;early kingdoms,kings; Empire of Ashoka; villages ,towns in Ancient India; traders, kings ;buildings,paintings etc...

Sathvika Sabineni
From Hyderabad, Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains, loves to make decorative items with Newspaper

Unacademy user
nice class sir.thank you.
Hi mam My name is Jyoti, I am from hydrabad. ..I am a housewife and want to clear civil service and unfortunately this is my last chance...This kind of videos are really helpfull for person like me who is a full time mother of 5 year old and housewife. ..Please continue this videos with other subjects Lot of thanks
The questions meet the standards set by UPSC... but plz also make PDF of same
question no. 9 mehrgarh is one of the earliest villages why it is incorrect ??
Vikash Sharma
2 years ago
not village agriculture first
Arya Kumar
2 years ago
because Enamgaon was the earliest villages
Dholavira, Surkothla are also located in gujarat apart from lothal!
Can u please tell me... Best books for Agriculture optional

  2. About Me .B.Tech (ECE) Qualified for UPSC CSE 2015 Mains (Ist attempt) Attended interview IBPS PO twice, FCI(MT), AFCAT twice Hobbies- Newspaper craft, Candle making . Rate and review

  3. I. Consider the following statements i. Manuscripts are written on hard surface ii. Inscriptions are written on leaves Choose the correct statements a. Only I b. Only 2 c. Both 1&2 d. Neither I nor 2

  4. .Solution:d interchange

  5. 2. Rice is first grown in a. North of Vindhyas b. South of Krishna c. North of Indus d. South of Lohit

  6. .Solution:a

  7. 3. Inscriptions found near Kandahar were written in a. Urdu and Hindi b. Sanskrit and Prakrit c. Greek and Aramaic d. None of the above

  8. .Solution: C Greek and Aramaic Ashoka

  9. 4. Sulaiman ranges border a. India and China b. India and Nepal C. India and Myanmar d. Afghanistan and Pakistan

  10. Solution: D

  11. es AFOHANIS TAN INDIA Karakorum Range Himalayan Range Hindukush Range Suleiman Range SINDH

  12. 5. Major reason for South Asia being regarded as a Sub-Continent? a. Huge population b. Democratic politics c. Demarcation with surrounding areas d. None of the above

  13. 6. Mehrgarh is found near a. Zojila pass b. Khyber pass c. Bolan pass d. Shipki la pass

  14. .Solution: B Early Agriculturists- Garo Hills Early cities- Indus Valley

  15. .Solution :D e Solution: L Mehrgarh - Pakistan Hallur - Andhra Pradesh Chirand Bihar

  16. 9. Choose the Options which are incorrect I. Mehrgarh - Early Village 2. Inamgaon Neolithic site 3. Brahmagiri egalithic site 4. Hunsgi - Neolithic Site Choose the correct options: a) Only 2 b) Only 1,2,4 c) Only I,3,4 d) All of the above

  17. .Solution : B e Solution Mehrgarh - Neolithic, Pakistan Inamgaon- early village . Hunsgi- Palaeolithic site

  18. 10. Consider the following statements . All Palaeolithic and Neolithic tools are made of stone:s 2. Ostriches were found in India in Palaeolithic period Choose the correct statements a. Only I b. Only 2 c. Both 1&2 d. None of the above

  19. e Solution:C Madhya Pradesh Rock shelters of Palaeolithic period

  20. e Solution:C Lower town is part other than citadel (east and lower) . Western part, higher Lower town s part other than citadel (east and lower)

  21. .Solution: B e Solution: E Mohanjedaro- great bath - Pakistan Kalibangan - fire altars - Rajasthan- ploughed field, no drainage Lothal - dockyard - Gujarat

  22. 14.Faience is an artifically made material t is made of 14. Faience is an artificially made material. It is made of a. Gum and Quartz b. Bronze and tin c. Copper and tin d. Bronze and silver

  23. Solution :A Found in Indus Valley civilisation Gum was used to shape sand and powdered quartz Used to make beads, bangles , tiny vessels Copper Tin bronze copper + l in bronze

  24. 15. Harappan's used Copper, Bronze , Gold, Silver Gold and silver were used to make i. Ornaments ii. Vessels Choose correct options a. Only I b. Only 2 c. Both I&2 d. Neither I nor 2