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MCQs from History class 6 NCERT Part-3
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Covers the most probable questions from NCERT Class 6 for various government exams .This course covers questions from topics from Ancient India like historic evidences; early cities; burials;early kingdoms,kings; Empire of Ashoka; villages ,towns in Ancient India; traders, kings ;buildings,paintings etc...

Sathvika Sabineni
From Hyderabad, Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains, loves to make decorative items with Newspaper

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MAM Are the topics ralated to questions 1 and 14 present present in 6th or any class ncert?? If are there please say in which chapter .
for Q1-its in page no 80 of 6th std
for Q14 page no 82
hello good afternoon di.. your videos are just awesome... god bless you...
Thank you so much Mam it's really very helpful
thanku mam such a great explained

  2. About Me .B.Tech (ECE) Qualified for UPSC CSE 2015 Mains (Ist attempt) Attended interview IBPS PO twice, FCI(MT), AFCAT twice Hobbies- Newspaper craft, Candle making . Rate and review

  3. I. Rampurwa bull a polished stone sculpture is being preserved at a. London museum b. Chennai museum c. National museum Delhi d. Rashtrapati Bhavan

  4. Solution :D It became a part of Rashtrapati Bhavan in the year 1948 after it came back from Burlington House, London mounted on a pedestal between the central pillars at the Forecourt entrance of the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

  5. 2.Which of the following is / are called Black gold l. Coffee 2. Petroleum 3. Coal 4. Black pepper Choose the correct options a. Only 1,2,3 b. Only 2,3 c. Only 1,2,3,4 d. Only 2,3,4

  6. Solution C

  7. 3.Which of the following are found to archeologists in Arikamedu a. Stamped red glazed pottery b. Arretine ware c. Amphorae d. All of the above

  8. Solution :D It is in present day Puducherry. They were traded from Mediterranean region Stamped red glazed pottery is known as Arretine ware Arretine - city in ltaly Massive brick structure was also found.

  9. #102188340 Arretine ware Amphorae

  10. 4.Which of the following statements are true I. Tamil- Brahmi inscriptions were found on the pottery 2. Ashoka's Dhamma did not involve worship of God 3. There is a permanent army during Rigveda times Choose the correct options a. Only 1,2 b. Only 2,3 c. Only 1,3 d. Only 1,2,3 is a permanent army during Rigveda times

  11. Solution: A No permanent army during Rigvedic times In assemblies they discussed about war and peace

  12. Solution :B Muvendar was mentioned in Sangam poems Heads of Chera, Chola , Pandyas

  13. 7. Match the following A. Ashvaghosha B. Kalidasa C. Banabhatta D. Sattanar a. A-4,B-3,C-2,D-l b. A-4,B-1,C-2,D-3 c. A-2,B-1,C-4,D-3 d. A-2,B-3,C-4,D-I I. Abhignana Shakuntalam 2. Harsha charitha 3. Manimekalai 4. Buddha charitha

  14. 8.Village assembly where landowners were not Brahmins a. Ur b. Samantas c. Agraharam d. Shrenis

  15. Solution:A Agraharam - association of Brahmins Shrenis merchant association Samantas - provide military support to kings, not paid regular salaries, they were received land grants. Samantas - provide military support to kings not paid regular

  16. 9. Relics casket under stupas contain a. Bodily remains of Buddha b. Bodily remains of Buddha's followers c. Precious stones and coin:s d. All of the above

  17. Solution:D Things used by Buddha, his followers were also present

  18. I1 King who was seen plying Weena in inscriptions 1 1. King who was seen playing Veena in inscriptions a. Harshavardan b. Kanishka c. Samudragupta d. Gautamiputra satakarni

  19. 13. Inscription on Gautamiputra satakarni was composed by a. Ravikiriti b. Gautami Balashri c. Harisena d. Xuan Zang

  20. 12.Varaha avatar of Vi a. protecting Vaivasvata Manu and the seven sages at the time of Deluge/Great flood b. To bear the mountain during churning to get Amrita c. To rescue Earth which had sunk in water and to replace in the universe d. To kill the demon Ravana sura

  21. Solution C Vaivastva manu Matsya avatar Bear the mountain - Kurma avatar Ravanasura - Rama tva manu - Matsya avatar

  22. 14. Second largest wall in the world Was in a. India b. USA c. North Korea d. Israel

  23. Solution A Kumbhalgarh fort, Rajasthan