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MCQs from History class 7 NCERT - Part 1
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The most probable questions from History class 7 NCERT which covers topics like Delhi Sultans, Mughal Empire, Rulers and buildings of the times, tribes,nomads and settled communities, regional cultures, devotional paths to the divine.

Sathvika Sabineni
From Hyderabad, Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains, loves to make decorative items with Newspaper

Unacademy user
Ma'am 1 suggestion please pronounce clear when there is important TERM....You spoke about 'chola chera panyas' what they been called not audible clearly? ....every word is important specially when in SB is Teahing....Rest Thanks a lot .....super series..!
Iraq has 90% of shia community, while others have split variation. others may be republic of Iran, Azerbaijan, rest of them have sunni as majority
very good range of questions ...thank uu
please also mention source chp no ,so that we can trace back our mistakes
thanx for lectures. but mam plz include more questions and explananation . and made question and answers 100 % correct . becoz we are only relying on you totyally for ancient and mediaval
  1. MCQ'S History Class 7 NCERT Presented by Sathvika

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  3. 1. The ritual Hiranya Garba performed by Rashtrakuta chief is iranya - arba performed Dy Kas a. To enlarge the kingdom b. To rebirth as Kshatriya c. For the birth of Son d. None of the above

  4. Solution B Performed with the help of Brahmanas

  5. 2. Muslims across the world are divided as Sunni and Shia. Consider the following statements about them 1. Sunnis accepted authority of early leaders of the community and succeeding Kalifas 2. Shias accepted prophet Mohammed's son-in-law as legitimate leader of Muslim community Choose the correct options a. Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 182 d. None of the above

  6. Solution : C

  7. 3. Vetti in Chola administration is/are a. Forced labour b. Land revenue c. Village head d. Samantas

  8. Solution: A Land revenue was called kadamai Almost 400 taxes were levied

  9. 4. Tripartite struggle is between a. Chola, Chera, Pandyas b. Gurjara-Pratihara, Rashtrakuta, Palas c. Magadha, vajji,Avanti d. Satavahana, Vijayanagara, Gupta

  10. Solution B

  11. The Kannauj Triangle C750 900 SHAHIS KASHMIR Empire: Rashtrakutas Palas Gurjara Pratiharas Modern International Boundary Multan SINDARABS Kanauj ATIHARASeGwallon Gwalior Mansurah PRATiHARASlioranau NalandaKAMARUPA PALAS CHANDELAS Mount Abu 3.5 MALWA Ujjain Dhar Nar ARAT PARAMARAS Paharpur VANGA Tap ulf ot uths of the Ganges LA ORISSA Khamb Ellora BERAR Puri Chilika Lake Manra RA SHTRAKUTAS #Manyakheta EASTERN KrHALUKYAS . ri Arabian Pattadakal Badamt Bay of Bengal Sea CHALUKYAS PALLAVAS Kanchipuram GANGAS CHOLAS Andaman Sea key . Tanjore ERAS Vaig a PANDYAS Ten Degree Channel Guif of Mannar Indian Ocean Great Channel

  12. 5. Goddess Nishumbhasudini temple in Tanjavur was built by 5. GOddess Nishumbhasudini temple in lanjavur was built by a. Rajaraja Chola b. Rajendra Chola c. Vijayalaya d. Muttaraiyar

  13. 6.Match the following languages and regions noted by Aamir Khusrau A. Gauri B. Awadhi C. Hindawi D. Dvarsamudri Choose the correct options a. A-2,B-1,C-4,D-3 b. A-1,B-2,C-4, D-3 c. A-1, B-2,C-3, D-4 d. A-2,B-1,C-3, D-4 1. Eastern UP 2. Bengal 3. Karnataka 4. Delhi

  14. Solution C Apart from plans of worship they are also the places of social, economic, cultural activity

  15. Solution: A

  16. 9. Uttaramerur inscription provides details of a. Prithvira 3 victory b. Delhi sultanate power c. Mohammad Ghazni d. Election of sabha in Chola kingdom Prithviraj 3 victory over Mohammad Ghori a. zni

  17. Solution D In Chengalput district, Tamil Nadu

  18. 10. Land given for maintenance of school during Chola period is named as a. Vellanvagai b. Brahmadeya c. Shalabhoga d. Tirunamattukkani

  19. Solution A

  20. Solution: A

  21. Soluiton: B Information may not be true

  22. 14. Consider the following statements about Chola empire 1. Only deities were made with bonze 2. Wells and tanks were used for irrigation Choose the correct statements Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1 and 2 d. Neither 1 nor 2 a.

  23. Solution: B Devotees images were also made with Bronze

  24. 15. Consider the following statements about Sabha in Chola period 1. Only those owners of land for which land revenue is collected are eligible Should possess knowledge of Vedas 3. 2. If anyone is member of committee in last 5 years he cannot be member again Choose the correct statements a. Only 1,2 b. Only 2,3 c. Only 1,3 d. Only 1,2,3