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MCQs from History class 7 NCERT - Part 2
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The most probable questions from History class 7 NCERT which covers topics like Delhi Sultans, Mughal Empire, Rulers and buildings of the times, tribes,nomads and settled communities, regional cultures, devotional paths to the divine.

Sathvika Sabineni
From Hyderabad, Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains, loves to make decorative items with Newspaper

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  1. MCQ'S History Class 7 NCERT Presented by Sathvika

  2. ABOUT ME B.Tech (ECE) Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains Appeared for inter view IBPS PO twice, Air Force ppeared for interview twice, FCI(MT) Hobbies: News paper craft, candle making Rate, Review, Recommend

  3. 1. Dehliwal means a. Coins minted in Delhi b. One of the city in Delhi People living in Delhi d. Rulers of Delhi c.

  4. Solution:A

  5. 2. Qutb Minar was part of which city in Delhi a. Siri b. Delhi -I-kuhna c. Jahanpanah d. Tughlaqabad

  6. Solution: B

  7. 3. Choose the correct statements about Tawarikh 1. Authors were learned men 2. Li 3. Their ideas were not shared by a. Only 1,2 b. Only 1,3 c. Only 2,3 d. Only 1,2,3 ived in villages everybody

  8. Solution: B o They lived in Cities ey lived in Ciues They often wrote for rich rewards

  9. 4. Raziya Sultana and Rudramadevi were famous women rulers of India. Apart from them famous women ruler of the times was a. Nurjahan b. Mumtaz c. Didda d. None of the above

  10. Solution:C She ruled Kashmir

  11. 5. Qibla associated with Islam is a. Sermon delivered by leader on Friday b. Prayer c. Leader d. Direction muslim stand during prayer

  12. Solution: D Sermon delivered on Friday- Khutba . Leader- Imam Qibla in India-West

  13. Solution: B Purchased for military ser vice by Iltutmish

  14. 8. Kharaj a tax during sultanate period is on a. Cattle b. Houses c. Agriculture d. pottery

  15. 9. Consider the following statements 1. Large parts of subcontinent remained outside the control of Delhi Sultans 2. Forested areas of gangetic palin and Bengal became independent Choose the incorrect statements a Only1 b. Only2 c. Both 1 &2 d. Neither1 nor 2

  16. - Solution D

  17. 10. Ibn battuta, a traveller is from a. Morocco b. Greece c. Italy d. Turkey

  18. Solution: A Whose court?

  19. Choose the correct statements from the following Alauddin Khilji used Delhi-i-kuhna as garisson town 12. 1. auddn Khlji used Delhl-kuhna as garisson town Mohammad tughluq built a new garrison town Only 1 Only2 Only 1,2 None of the above 2. a. b. c. d.

  20. hoose the correct options indicating the 13. C order of rulers who ruled Delhi a. Turkish, Khalji,Tugluq, Sayyid b. Turkish, Tugluq,Khalji, Sayyid c. Turkish, Khalji,Sayyid,Tugluq d. Tugluq, Khalji, Sayyid, Turkish

  21. 14.Consider the following statements 1. Bandagans have resulted in political instability 2. Mongols attacks have decreased during reign of Alaunddin khilji Choose the correct statements a. Only 1 b. Only 2 e.Both e. Both d. none

  22. . Solution:A - Mongols attacks increased

  23. 15. Choose the incorrect statements 1. Shershah borowed admininstration model from Alauddin khilji 2. Akbar borrowed from Shershah Choose the options a. Only 1 b. Only 2 e. Both 1 &2 d. none

  24. - Solution D