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MCQs from History class 7 NCERT - Part 3
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The most probable questions from History class 7 NCERT which covers topics like Delhi Sultans, Mughal Empire, Rulers and buildings of the times, tribes,nomads and settled communities, regional cultures, devotional paths to the divine.

Sathvika Sabineni
From Hyderabad, Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains, loves to make decorative items with Newspaper

Unacademy user
Sir can u pls complete whole calculus atleast till aod before jee main s april
question no 8. I have one doubt in it is idea of intolerance when it is clearly mention in NCERT that this idea of tolerance didn't discriminate between people..idea of intolerance will be bigot.
Telma dsouza
3 months ago
Even i have the same doubt
12/15.. thank you Ma'am..
Hey Sathvika - as far as I know, sulh-i-kul was the idea of universal peace. Thus, I think the last option, that is Akbar's own religion would be most appropriate as he did project it as his own religion.
Raghav Sen
3 years ago
Even if we say Akbar started his own religion it has to be din ilahi, as the name itself suggests. Sulh-i-kul, as the name again suggests is a policy which might have led to a religion and definitely can not be called a religion in itself as it aimed at tolerance or fostering 'sulh' Great lessons btw Sathvika. Thanks a lot for your efforts
atleast we should not name our childrens as "Timur" and should be proud of it.
  1. MCQ'S History Class 7 NCERT Presented by Sathvika

  2. ABOUT ME B.Tech (ECE) Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains Appeared for inter view IBPS PO twice, Air Force ppeared for interview twice, FCI(MT) Hobbies: News paper craft, candle making Rate, Review, Recommend

  3. 1.Importantaddition in 16th century warfare Horses b. Elephants c. Canons d. None of the above a.

  4. - Solution: C Babur used them effectively in 1st battle of Panipat

  5. 2. Consider the following statements about Mughal rule 1. Humayun was forced to flee Iran by Sherkhan 2 Mughlas wanted to be known as descendants of Mongol umayun was torced to flee tribes Choose the correct statements a Only 1 b. Only 2 C. Both 1&2 d. None

  6. Solution: A Mughals - wanted to be known as descendants of Timur's

  7. 3. Mansabdar is an individual who holds a position or rank. It is grading system used by Mughals to fix a. Rank b. Salary c. Military responsibilities d. All of the above

  8. Solution: D . He was required to maintain specified no. of He was required to maintain specified no. of sawar(cavalrymen)

  9. 4. Choose the incorrect statements 1. Zat is the revenue system in reign of Mughals Zabt is numerical value that determines rank and salary in reign of Mughals Only 1 Only 2 Both 1&2 None of the above 2. a. b. c. d.

  10. . Solution: C - Interchange e Zabt-Akbar reign- survey of crop yields- each Interchange province divided into revenue circle with its own schedule of revenue rates for individual crops

  11. 5.Choose the correct statements about Akbar Nama 1. 1st volume- Akbar's Ancestors 1. 1s* volume- Akbar's Ancestors 2. 2nd volume-events of Akbar's reign 3. 3rd volume- Akbar's admin 4. 4th a. Only 1,2,3 b. Only 2,3,4 c. Only 1,3,4 d. Only 1,2,4 volume- Akbar's army

  12. Solution:A By Abul Fazal . 3rd volume-Ain-i-akbari - adiministrationtgeography+revenue+army+hou sehold . No 4th volume

  13. Solution: B

  14. 8.Sulh-i-kul associated with Akbar was a. Idea of intolerance b. Idea of revenue system c. Idea of military governance d. His own religion

  15. 9. Consider the following statements 1. During reign of Akbar revenue of Jagirs is almost equal to salary of mansabdar 2. During reign of Aurangazeb mansabdars exploited when they have jagir Choose the correct statements a Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1&2 d. None of the above

  16. . Solution: C

  17. 10. Inheritance in Mughal empire is based on a. Primogeniture b. Coparcenary inheritance c. Both a&b d. None of the above

  18. Solution: B primogeniture- eldest son inherited Coparcenaryi

  19. 12.Subadars in Akbar's reign used to deal a. Political administratiorn b. Military administration c. Both a & b d. None of the above

  20. 13. Diwan-i-khas o am in Shahjahan reign is iwan-1-khas o am in Shanjahan reignis Garden Ceremonial halls Prayer halls None of the above a. b. c. d.

  21. 14.Consider the following statements mansabdars 1. Salaries were paid as revenues from jagirs 2. All of them used to reside in their jagirs Choose the incorrect statements a. Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1&2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  22. Solution: B Most mansabdars did not actually reside in jagirs, they did not administer the jagirs o Had only rights of revenue

  23. 15. Persian court chronicles described muslim sultans as Father of his people a. b. Shadow of Good c. Himself as Good c. 1imseif as TO d. frienc

  24. Solution: B