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MCQs from History class 8 NCERT - Part 7
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Course covering most probable MCQ's from History Class 8 NCERT covering topics from Modern Indian history. The sub topics are people with different occupations during British rule;Education policy; women,caste and reform movements; Visual arts, Indian national Movement; India after Independence

Sathvika Sabineni
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bhaiya what r the other reagents which can be used for selective reduction
Q-2) When Jyotirao Phule started the girls school in Pune in 1848, Savitribai was its first teacher.The couple also opened a care centre called Balhatya Pratibandhak Griha for pregnant rape victims and helped deliver their children.
Q-5) The Young Bengal movement was a group of radical Bengali free thinkers emerging from Hindu College, Calcutta. They were also known as Derozians, after their firebrand teacher at Hindu College, Henry Louis Vivian Derozio.
Q-6) The Singh Sabha Movement was a Sikh movement that began in Punjab in the 1870s in reaction to the proselytising activities of Christians, Brahmo Samajis, Arya Samaj, Muslim Aligarh movement and Ahmadiyah.
Q-5) (आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद्धिताय च) – "For one's own salvation, and for the welfare of the world
u can mention mahila vidhyalaya year too mam 1875.
Prafull Pande
2 years ago
Sources record different dates for the establishment of the school. While Jogesh C. Bagal, records the date of establishment as 18 November 1873. David Kopf mentions it as 18 September 1873.
Prafull Pande
2 years ago
the school was closed in March 1876 for a short time and was revived on 1 June 1876 as Banga Mahila Vidyalaya (Bengali Women’s College).
  1. MCQ'S History Class 8 NCERT Presented by Sathvika

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  3. 1.Match the following A. Vidyasagar B. Mumtaz ali C. Jyotirao Phule D. Arya Samaj School for girls at Punjab School for girls in Calcutta Reinterpreted verses from Quran School for girls in Maharastra 1. 2. 3. 4. a. A-2,B-3,C-4,D-1 b. A-3,B-2, C-1, D4 c. A-1,B-4,C-3, D-2 d. A-3,B-1,C-2,D-4

  4. Solution : A

  5. 2. Consider the following statements about Girl education 1. First girls schools believed that curriculum for boys and girls should be different 2. People feared that girl education would Choose the correct statements a Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2 make her widow

  6. Solution: C Hindu Mahila Vidyalaya one of the first institutions which provided girls with same kind of learning as boys

  7. 3.Consider the following statements about Jyotirao Phule 1. Satyashodhak Samaj(founded by Phule) propagated caste equality dedicated his book Gulamgiri to those Americans who 2. fought to free slaves Choose the correct statements a. Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  8. Solution : C

  9. 4.Consider the following statements about Veda Samaj onsider tie following statements about Veda Samaj 1. It was inspired from Arya Samaj 2. W 3. They believed in one God Choose the correct statements a. Only 1,2 b. Only 2,3 c. Only 1,2,3 d. Only 1,3 was inspired irom Arya Samaj orked to abolish caste distinctions and widow remarriage

  10. Solution: B Inspired by Brahmo Samaj They condemned superstitions and rituals of orthodox Hinduism

  11. 5.Choose the correct statements 1 Ramakrishna Mission- Salvation through social service 2. Aligarh Movement - had tremendous impact in educational reforms Young Bengal Movement- promoted radical ideas 3. Young Bengal Movement promoted radical ideas Choose the correct statements a. Only 1,2 b. Only 2,3 . Only 1,3 d. Only 1,2,3 3.

  12. Solution: D

  13. Solution:C Often combined modern instruction with Sikh teachings

  14. 8. Consider the following statements Picturesque painting- depicted India as quaint land 2. Portrait painting- Indians in majority of paintings occupied equal place with Britishers Choose the incorrect statements a. Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  15. 9.Illbert bill deals with a. English as medium of instruction in schools b. To silence publishers who were critical of government c. Trial of British or European persons by Indians d. Reducing the age of civil service

  16. Solution:C Brings equality among British and Indian judges in the country

  17. 10. Which of the following statement about founding of Indian National Congress(INC) was correct 1. INC was formed in Bombay in 1885 2. First president of INC is WC Benarjee Choose the correct statements a. Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  18. Solution : C

  19. 12. Kalighat paintings were from a. Bihar b. Jharkhand c. Chhattisgarh d. Bengal

  20. 13. Consider the following statements 1. In Bengal, new group of artists like Abanindranath Tagore followed the art of Raja RaviVarma They broke away from oil paintings and turned for 2. miniature painting Choose the correct statements a. Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  21. 14.Hindustan socialist republican association was founded by a. Tilak b. Lala lajpat Rai c. Bhagat Singh d. Subhash Chandra Bose ala laipa

  22. Solution : C

  23. 15.Consider the following statements 1. First 20 years after formation of congress was moderate 2. It demanded for greater voice for Indians in government and in administration Choose the correct statements a Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1,2 d. Neither 1 nor 2

  24. Solution : C