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MCQs from History class 6 NCERT part-4
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Covers the most probable questions from NCERT Class 6 for various government exams .This course covers questions from topics from Ancient India like historic evidences; early cities; burials;early kingdoms,kings; Empire of Ashoka; villages ,towns in Ancient India; traders, kings ;buildings,paintings etc...

Sathvika Sabineni
From Hyderabad, Qualified for UPSC CSE Mains, loves to make decorative items with Newspaper

Unacademy user
are microliths considered as part of stone tools ? ( with refrence to question number 7 )
plz mam provide mcq of each class in pdf format so that we can print it and study .plz
Please circle correct option. In most of the questions, you are talking about correct option & circling incorrect one. Please do not confuse us.
helpful course mam.please provide them in pdf format
Mam, I have a doubt, as per my knowledge colours of Ajanta paintings were not made of animals rather plants and minerals were used for this purpose, please correct me if I am wrong!
Desh Deepak
3 years ago
Even I am confused regarding this question.Paintings were made of plants and minerals colors.

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  3. I. Kingdom of Magadha was located a. South of Ganga b. South of Indus c. South of Godavari d. South of Narmada

  4. Solution :A Powerful Mahajanapada

  5. statements which is true cof 2. Of the below statements which is true of Ashwamedha a. Performed by Shudras to convert to Vaishyas b. To offer sacrifices to fire c. Horse let loose and to gain kingdoms through fight or peace d. None of the above c Horse let loose and to gain kingedoms through ight or peace

  6. Solution :C Fight : when wandered horse went to a kingdom of other raja was stopped they fight for kingdom Peace :when wandered horse is let to pass others kingdom, the king of other kingdom accepts that raja who performed sacrifice as more powerful Peace when wandered ohers kingdom, the

  7. ihts during Harappan illsion were mainly made of 3.Weights during Harappan civilisation were mainly made of a. Chert b. Iron c. Faience d. Carnelian

  8. Solution : A Chert is kind of stone Used to weigh precious stones and metals

  9. 4. Catal Huyuk is a Neolithic site of a. Syria b. Turkey c. Iran d. Iraq

  10. Solution : B

  11. 5. Consider the following statements I. Neolithic tools were with fine cutting edge 2. Palaeolithic tools were out of use by Neolithic times Choose the correct statements a. Only I b. Only 2 c. Both 1&2 d. None of the above

  12. Solution :A Palaeolithic tools were used even during Neolithic times

  13. Solution :C Digha Nikaya presents account of Vaijis

  14. 8.The main features of Mahayana Buddhism are: l. Bodhisatvas 2. Statues of Buddha 3. Enlightenment depicted as Peepal Tree Choose incorrect options a) Only I b) Only 2 c) Only 3 d) I & 3

  15. 7. Uzhavar in lamil region are a. Large land owners b. Landless labourers c. Ordinary plough men d. Village head

  16. Solution :C Large landowners - Vella Landless labourers-adimai or kadaisiyar lar lar

  17. 10. Consider the following statements about idea of Bhakti l. Devotion and individual worship of God or Goddesses 2. If devotee worshipped the chosen deity with pure heart,the deity will appear in form devotee desires 3. It emphasised on elaborate sacrifices Choose the correct statements a. Only 1,2,3 b Only 2.3 c. Only 1,2 d. Only 2

  18. Solution :C Devotion , worship more important than sacrifices

  19. 12. Kammakaras were a. Merchant associations b. Slaves c. Landless agriculture labourers d. Minister of war

  20. 13.Which of the following can be attributed to Aryabhatta eclipses a. Scientific explanation of b. Calculation of circumference of circle c. Day and night were caused due to rotation of earth on its c Dy and nigh were caused due to roation of arth on ts own axis d. All of the above

  21. 14. Match the following I. Kanishka 2. Pulakesin2 3. Samudragupta 4. Harshavardhana A. Ravikiriti B. Harisena C. Banabhatta D. Ashvaghosha Choose the correct options a. A-2,B-3, C-4, D-I b. A-1,B-2,C-3,D-4 c. A-3,B-4,C-2, D-3 d. A-4, B-1, C-1, D-2

  22. Solution :A Ravikiriti Aihole inscription

  23. 15. I. Ajanta paintings were done in natural sunlight 2. Colours of Ajanta paintings were made of plants and animals Choose the incorrect statements a. Only I b. Only 2 c. Both 1&2 d. None of the above 2 Colour of Alnta paintings ere made of plants and animals

  24. Solution : A They were done using torches