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Lesson 7 ( in Hindi)
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In this lesson, the educator talks about the expected questions that can be asked in the general studies mains geography section.

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Ashna Sisodia
PSIR Optional Faculty, having scored 125+ in the prelims and 140 in Essay Paper and 110+ each in GS Papers in the UPSC Mains 2017.

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Well explained sir ji
  1. Course: Expected Questions Geo-Mains Paper GS- 1 Presented by Ashna Sisodia

  2. Question 13: Analyse the geographic and economic significance of Bay of Bengal for India.(200 Words)

  3. Answer India is a pivotal point for world trade between the west and the far east. Where Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean connects the nation to the west and south west, Bangladesh India Myanmar (Burma) Lao Thailand Bangkok o the Bay of Bengal connects it toBengaluru the east & south east. Bay of Bengal Andaman Sea Gulf of ailand Sri Lanka

  4. Geographic significance: 1. Lifeline to agriculture India is an agricultural country & its agriculture is rainfall dependent. Hence regular monsoon from SE winds of Bay of Bengal provides food to the nation. 2. Heat balance Prevalence of sea breeze and monsoon winds maintains the national temp which would have otherwise gone into extremes. 3. Biodiversity Being a tropical wetland it is home to several kinds of species both on and off shore. 4. Natural barrier from external aggression Since time immemorial it is a fact that India is susceptible to attacks through the passes of the Himalayas and seas have been a safer side for the nation.

  5. Economic significance: 1. Trade & commerce Entire sea trade with the east, south east & Asia pacific is being done through this route. Hence several major ports can be traced here. 2. Being a pivotal or rest point for trade between the far east and the west, it is also a source of income for the locals and the authorities, 3. Prevalence of heavy rainfall helps in growing of tropical evergreen forest n and around the region which supplies several kinds of economically viable products from aromatics to fodder to woods to bamboos, etc. 4. It is home to huge percentage of marine resources thereby a source of income to millions.

  6. 5. It may also have the potential of offshore basins of hydrocarbons 6. Several wash outs from different industries are transferred through the rivers to here thereby reducing initial cost. 7. It has a potential to build up power plants based on wind energy and tidal waves. 8. Heavy mineral sands occur around Nagapatnam (in Tamil Nadu) on south-eastern Indian coast, near Chennai, Vishakhapatnam. They consist of ilmenite, garnet, sillimanite, zircon, rutile, and manganite.

  7. Question 14: Explain the differences between India's eastern and western coastal plains. (200 Words)

  8. CHHATTISGARH ORISSA Northern Western Ghats MAHARASHTRA DESH KARNATAKA Central Western Ghats Nilgiris TAMILE NA KERALA Southern Western Ghats 875 175 350 505 km

  9. Differences The differences between India's eastern & western coastal plains are as follows: 1. Eastern coastal plains lie along India's east coast and is washed by the Bay of Bengal. Western Coastal Plains, on the other hand, are washed by the Arabian Sea. 2. While the WCP is intersected by the mountain ridges, ECP runs smoothly from North to South with a broad plain and a level surface. 3. ECP (width 80100 km) is wider than WCP (5065 km). WCP are sometimes so narrow that Western Ghats touch the sea water. 4. Large rivers make deltas on the ECP but short swift rivers do not form any deltas on the WC.

  10. 5. EC is sandy with alluvium and slopes gently towards the sea. It is formed by fertile alluvial soil. Hence, experiences well developed agriculture. WC is relatively rocky with sand and sand dunes. It is mainly formed by coarse grained soil and thus is infertile. It slopes abruptly down to the sea. 6. EC is smooth and unfit for making ports. But, WC is broken and indented for ports. Hence, large numbers of ports are along the WC 7. Heavy rainfall in WC as compared to EC.