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Lesson 1 (in Hindi)
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In this course the educator discussed important expected questions for general studies mains paper 1 particularly geography section.

Ashna Sisodia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashna Sisodia
PSIR Optional Faculty, having scored 125+ in the prelims and 140 in Essay Paper and 110+ each in GS Papers in the UPSC Mains 2017.

Unacademy user
really helpful mam
Thanks ☺️ And keep watching.
Ashwani Thakur
a year ago
Mam one req is that do videos on the global issues which r imp from d point of view of UPSc...civil services
Okay i will keep that in mind. Thanks again for the great suggestion. :)
Hindi me question explain karein plzz
just need a we know that when any any plate subduct under other plate,formation of mountains takes place and due to to melting of subducted plate in aesthenosphere it leads to formation of volcanoes behind mountains...same process had happend in the formation of himalayas but why there are no volcanoes behind himalayas but a plateau of tibet?
Ashna Sisodia
2 years ago
the process you are talking about happens when oceanic plate subducts under continental plate. but in case of Himalayas the two plates that collided both were continental plate hence no volcano formation in Himalayas.
Fateh Meena
2 years ago
Mam there were volcanos around pamir knot before formation of himalaya due to subduction of tethys due to same density of both plate there is no subduction.. They are pressing each other..
Mam, this course is for which year.......these r the most probable questions but for which year???
Ashna Sisodia
2 years ago
For 18 and 19
thanks mam can you plz tell me that is NCERT and g c leaong is enough for mains I am a beginner and preparing for Mains tnx
Aditya Sharma
2 years ago
for 2018
Ashna Sisodia
2 years ago
NCERT And GC leong are the best sources for Pre and upto certain extent for Mains. However, you need to do selective study for mains geography. You can refer to a standard book like Majid Hussain.
2 years ago
can you please mention the selective chapters on which we should focus more from Majid Hussain
First of all it was awesome. Secondly I want to know that minimum how many points are required for answering these types of question? Waiting for your reply. Thank you.
  1. Course: Expected Questions Geo-Mains Paper GS- 1 Presented by Ashna Sisodia

  2. About Me: From Chandigarh, India o CSE Btech, UIET kurukshetra UPSC CSE mains qualified Interests Reading and Gym addict e Rate, Review and Recommend

  3. Question 1: What is the Main Central Thrust in the Himalayas and how was it formed? Highlighting its significance examine why it was in news. (200 Words)

  4. Question 1 : Himalayas BACKGROUND DATA Main Central Thrust in Himalayas can be defined as the major geological fault where the Indian Plate has pushed under the Eurasian Plate along the Himalayas. Its formation can be explained by understanding the events that took place as the Indian plate that was previously the part ojf The Indian plate struck the Eurasian plate causing the upliftment of previously sedimentary land under Tythes sea. Thus the Himalayas were formed as the folding effect due to the impact of the collision. In the process the Indian Plate had subducted a little below the Eurasian Plate. This lead to the formation of a fault zone along the length of present day Himalayas i.e. approximately 2200km of locking zone. Gondwana Plate moved northwards

  5. Formation of Himalayas EURA SIAN PLATE ZANSKAR betan plateau INDIA Today 10 millions years ago 38 millions years ag0 Equator EURASIAN PLATE INDIAN PLATE 55 miltions years ago INDIAN OCEAN INDIA Land mass 71 millions years ag0 SRI LANKA

  6. Answer: Introduction Body: Part 1 The Main Central Thrust is the geological fault where the two plates have been locked. This interaction has made it an active dynamic zone. ' Though there is absence of volcanic activity in this part, the fault line is prone to regular earthquakes . Another important result of its dynamic activity is seen in the ever increasing height of the young Himalayas. SIGNIFICANCE : The Main Central thrust was in news recently due to destructive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude that has struck the region, the focus of which was traced near Kathmandu. Nepal les along this zone of convergence making the country prone to severe earthquakes

  7. Answer Apart from the mass destruction caused by this recent earthquake, it is said to have unlocked/weakened the locking between the Indian and Eurasian plates. .This has increased the probability of another severe earthquake striking anytime in the future due to reduced locking leading to increased mobility between the plates. The building engineers thus would require giving extra attention to the building's ability to survive such severe shocks.

  8. Question 2 Examine economic significance of the resources of the Continental Shelf of the Indian Ocean. (200 Words)

  9. Answer 2 Of all the resources that developing countries in Indian Sub-Continent or Indian ocean Rim are endowed with the continental shelf is the most important role in providing those necessities like: Economic wealth of the Indian Ocean's continental wealth includes: 1. Oil Fields This fuel treasure is plenty in the western part that includes red sea, gulf area and coasts of Indonesia. India can also boast of its Aliabet, Bombay High and KG basin for its oil and Gas reserves. 2. Placer Deposits - Vitally important, thorium resources in placer sands of Malabar coast are a promise to Nuclear Energy security. Similarly Placers of Thailand, Indo- China and Australia are source of precious heavy metals critically important for Electronics and semiconductors industry.

  10. Coral atolls in itself are endowments of nature to tropical 3. Tourism shelves 4. Fisheries - Food security of every nation is important. It provides 5. Marine Agriculture - Brackish water Agriculture for Rice is successfully practiced now and thus is a remedy for land shortages. Other innovations like oyster farming can add supplementary value to Continental Shelves 6. Cyclone Mitigation - Mangroves and other plantation helps in mitigating the ugly consequences of storms and storm surges along the heavily populated coastal areas like Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala coast, Maldives, etc.