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Lesson 23 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson the next question is discussed.

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Ashna Sisodia
PSIR Optional Faculty, having scored 125+ in the prelims and 140 in Essay Paper and 110+ each in GS Papers in the UPSC Mains 2017.

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Thank you sir for your great lessons. I have a doubt, in last question of this lesson answer should be 16 instead of 15. Kindly check ( 87-9=78)
  1. Course: Expected Questions Geo-Mains Paper GS- 1 Presented by Ashna Sisodia

  2. Question 43: Critically examine, despite rich cultural and natural heritage, unlike China or other Asian countries why India is not a top tourist destination for foreigners? (200 Words)

  3. Answer 1. Underdeveloped tourism infrastructure with lack of connectivity and qualitative accommodation facilities amounts to problems. 2. Added to this poor sanitation and hygiene issues add to the woes. Government have started Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to address this issue but this will take time to show results 3. Inadequate trained guides along with having knowledge of different languages. 4. Safety and security of the tourists is another issue which have increased in recent times with reports of rapes, molestations coming often. 5. Lack of adequate marketing and promotion of tourism at the global level. Though the government runs the campaign of "Incredible India" but its intensity is not in line with the demands of the sector.

  4. 6. Complex visa issues with delays in receiving visas by tourists. To check this issue government has started e-visas for 43 countries in the past one year 7. Tourism sector is heavily taxed. Be it airline ticket, hotel room everything is so expensive that tourist try to avoid stay in India. Steps that can be taken: 1. Develop tourism infrastructure which should also include disable friendly infrastructure too citing their huge numbers of wiling tourists tovist India. 2. Providing training to guides in different languages like German, French etc. 3. Raising awareness in the society about the importance of the tourists and motivating them to follow the tradition of "Athithi Devo Bhava" thernio olwthe tradtion ofs motivating

  5. 4. Giving due importance to the safety and security of the tourists. 5. Lastly it is very important that whatever we are doing it should be marketed at the global level to attract tourists via promoting the brand of Indian tourism. It is high time that we need to tap the huge geographical, cultural potential for tourism in the country. By doing this it will not only bring more forex in the country giving fillip to the economy but will also create the much needed employment opportunities.

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