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FRs - General
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This lesson explains Article 12 and Article 13 of the Constitution.

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Unacademy user
IAF has 'many' bases in foreign countries?
Pallavi Ojha
3 months ago
Himanshu Soni
2 months ago
Can you please verify that information and also the appropriate answer for that specific question?
Pallavi Ojha
2 months ago
Madagascar :: A listening post of the Indian Navy started operations around 2007. Mozambique :: ... Seychelles :: ... Oman :: ... Qatar :: ... Tajikistan Nepal Vietnam there are many more. and it is necessary for us to have bases in foreign countries. like we are constructing chahbar port, so we military there to monitor.
Himanshu Soni
2 months ago
There is a bit of misunderstanding. Since the question has asked for the bases of IAF (not Army or Navy), and the only base I could find is Farkhor in Tajikistan. Also, since only one of the four statements can be correct in that question, the first has to be incorrect.
Statutory and Non- Statutory Authorities also also included under State
  1. All laws(Parliament/State) inconsistent or in derogation of any FR's void Govt & Parliament (ie. executive & legislative organs) Article 13 Laws inconsistent with FR's Power of SC and High Courts that can declare a law unconstitutional and invalid on the ground of contravention of any of the Fundamental Rights Govt & legislature of States (ie. executive & legislative Art.32, Art.226 Article 12 State organs of State Govt) Fundamental Rights General) All local authorities (ex: Muncipalities panchayats,etc) Permanent Laws Temporary laws (ex:Ordinance) Statutory Instruments in nature of Delegated Legis (ex: order, bye-law rule, regulation, notification) Non-Legislative Sources (ex:custom, usage having force of law) "law" includes All other authorities (ex LIC, ONGC, SAIL,etc)