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Establishment of Supermacy Over Bengal - British Rule (in Tamil)
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The Province of India earlier Presidencies of British India and still earlier, Presidency towns, were the administrative divisions of British governance in the subcontinent. Collectively, they were called British India In one form or another, they existed between 1612 and 1947, conventionally divided into three historical periods During the period of , 1757–1858, the Company rule in India, gradually acquired sovereignty over large parts of India, now called "Presidencies". Here in this course I am going to explain Establishment of Supermacy Over Bengal

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  2. Bengal a very rich province of the Mughal Empire developed into an independent kingdom under Alivardi Khan After his death, his grandson Siraj-ud-daulah became the Nawab of Bengal The Battle of Plassey was a result of a quarrel that arose between Siraj-ud-daulah & the British in 1757

  3. Battle of Plassey (1757AD) The English strengthening their fortification in Bengal so Siraj-ud-daulah asked them not to fortify their forts but English refused to do More over the British were misusing their trade privileges So the Nawab marched with his army & Captured Calcutta WI

  4. 146 British Soldiers were taken as captives & they were locked up in a very small room most of them died only 23 were survived This incident in history is called as the Black Hole Tragedy Admiral Watson & Robert Clive were sent to Bengal & recaptured Calcutta On 23rd June 1757, Siraj-ud-daulah met Robert Clive in a village called Plassey near Calcutta

  5. With in few hours the Nawab defeated and killed of Bengal Qasim was made the Nawab of Bengal Qasim & British so he is removed Then the British appointed Mir Jafar as the Nawab After few years Mir Jafar was removed & Mir A misunderstanding developed between Mir

  6. Mir Qasim entered into an alliance with Shuja-ud- daulah & Shah Alam Il against the British & invaded Bengal A battle between the combined army of Indian rulers & the British took place at Buxar on Oct 22, 1764 Mir Qasim & others were defeated by British Treaty of Allahabad Signed