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Day 9: Perfect Tense - English (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains perfect tense in active voice.

Banking Chronicle Guild
Banking Chronicle - "I Can And I Will" With Ankush Lamba, Kapil Kathpal & Niharika John Mehra

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mam.. aaapki ye dono profile nii mil rhi.. bhut try kiya.. hindu word list and. vocab fom newspapers 🤔🤔😑
Astha Jain
a year ago
Astha Jain
a year ago
Astha Jain
a year ago
Here is the link of both courses.
Anju Singh
a year ago
In the 7th slide, the example " who had painted this room when I asked not to do so" , is it right? the prohibition is done earlier than that of painting the room. So, the 2nd Clause should have carried "had" ie. "who painted this room when I had asked not to do so?" Mana pahle kiya tab hi puchha ja raha ki mana Karne ke bawazood kisne paint kiya..... please reply ma'am
kya aap ko reguler follow kar ke video dekhne ke bad se english ki atlist passing nikl jayegi
What about other upcoming videos..?? is it going continue or what..????
sir or video , class es guild pe q nahi ho rha hai
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  4. Used for something that started in the past and continues in the present Ex - They have been married for 25 years. Used for something we have done several times in the past and continue to do Ex I have played the guitar ever since I was in college. When we are talking about our experience up to the present Ex Have you ever met Giana? . For something that happened in the past but is important at the time of speaking Ex I have worked really hard for it. Present Perfect .V. 1

  5. Present Perfect .V. I - have +Verb(3) He, she , it, singular name - has +Verb(3) . You, plural - have +Verb(3) Ex He has not covered the vessel When have they asked us to join the college? .- Who has made this painting? 1

  6. We use the past perfect because the action happened before another action in the past EX - Martha rang John's doorbell yesterday but John had already left the house NOTE The most common mistake with the past perfect is to overuse it or to use it simply because we are talking about a time in the distant past . Ex - Children had finished their homework Past Perfect .V . Children finished their homework

  7. Past Perfect .V. Had + Verb(3) Ex I didn't recognise him because I had not seen him ever before Why had he left room when his classmate arrived? - Who had painted this room when I asked not to do so?

  8. We use the future perfect to say that something will be finished by a particular time in the future . We often use the future perfect with 'by' or in. By means not later than a particular time' and 'in' means 'within a period of time' Ex I will have finished in an hour and then you can use the laptop Future Perfect .V

  9. Future Perfect .V. Will + have +Verb(3) Ex - By the time you read this email she will not have left. .- How will you have finished the whole meal when I pick you up? - Who will have cleaned the rooms?

  10. VocabTime By Niharika John Mehra By Niharika John Mehra (Hindi) Important English Vocabulary from Top Newspapers: Bank... (Hindi) The Hindu English Word List for Bank Exams 39 Lessons 21 Lessons 62 ratings 7 reviews 55 ratings 12 reviews