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Day 2 : More About Nouns - English (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains some more important points of nouns.

Banking Chronicle Guild
Banking Chronicle - "I Can And I Will" With Ankush Lamba, Kapil Kathpal & Niharika John Mehra

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bhaiya notes revise kr dijiye. NCERT toh bahut baad padha h.
Ma'am lesson k sath questions bhi karaiye. ye sab rule pata hota hey par jab question ata hey tab kaise point karna hey ye batayenge to jyada helpful rahega.
mam plzzz jo rules aap padhate ho uske based example and practice question se karwaiye plzzz practice question ke sath rules bataye
Sure, we will try that...
thank you ma' example ke sath aur last me qus bhi solve krne ko dengi to topic ko easy Hoga smjhne me.
maam no doubt,you teach very well,but maam topic k baad wo error find krne waale bhi questions karwaiyega?
mam continue rakhna pleaze end tak pactise question vi krawana mam har ek chapter khatam hone ke bad plz mam
  1. Complete Banking Exams Preparation NOUNS

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  4. COUNTABLE NOUN Nouns which could be counted in numbers only countable nouns have plurals Ex - Bag, Train, Bench, Book . They take quantifiers before them - a few, few, many, some, every, each, these, and the number of They takes articles before them - a, an, the

  5. Nouns which cannot be counted in numbers but measured have no plural forms Ex Air, Love, Tea, Juice UNCOUNTABLE NOUN They take quantifiers before them some, any, enough, this, that, and much They take articles before them - mostly 'the', and hardly a, an' rTh donse these hoev ethr neither

  6. Plural number is made by putting 's, es, ies' in the end . Words with ch, x, s, or ss in the end form plural by adding 'es' - benches, boxes NOUN NUMBERS Words with f and fe in the end form plural by cing f with v and adding 'es . Some have entirely different plurals - children, oxen Some nouns don't change - species, deer

  7. . It talks about ownership POSSESSIVE NOUN Uses apostrophe () If singular then's-boy's, girl's If plural then s' - boys'. girls' Two owners one thing then - Harry and Mia's car Two owners different belongings then Harry' and Mia's cars

  8. 8 VocabTime By Niharika John Mehra By Niharika John Mehra (Hindi) Important English Vocabulary from Top Newspapers: Bank... (Hindi) The Hindu English Word List for Bank Exams 39 Lessons 21 Lessons 62 ratings 7 reviews 55 ratings 12 reviews

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