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Day 8: Progressive/Continuous Tense - English (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains present, past and future continuous/progressive tense in active voice.

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Banking Chronicle - "I Can And I Will" With Ankush Lamba, Kapil Kathpal & Niharika John Mehra

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fine the error- 1-there was a guy/2-lady shouted/3-who are making/4-that noise/5-no error
long action wala mere par fit Beth ta hai.. I'm preparing for RRB PO exam.
good evening mam and you are best English faculty
mam please provide material for practice
thank you mam....very helpful topic
  1. Complete Banking Exams Preparation VERBS

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  4. Continuous Progressive) .V. Continuous tense describes action that is, Continuc was, or will be in progress at a certain time . Uses Verb + ing form

  5. Actions happening at the moment of speaking (now, at the moment) Ex Peter is baking a cakee Fixed plans in the near future Ex - She is willing to sign this agreement. Temporary continuous actions Ex He is coming here for a week. Long Actions .Ex He is preparing for IBPS PO exam. Trends .Ex - They are using fibre net these days Present Progressive A. V

  6. Present Progressive .V. I - am +Verb(ing) . He, she , it, singular name - is +Verb(ing) . You, plural - are +Verb(ing) Ex - He is not coming for the party. . - Why are they planning a meeting? . - Who is making that noise?

  7. . The action in the past continuous starts before and often continues after the other shorter action or time . Ex - I was cooking when the door bell rang Past Progressive .V. For past stories Birds were singing and flowers were blooming To emphasise that something lasted for a while .Ex - He was sleeping whole afternoon.

  8. Past I - was/were +Verb(ing) Progressive .V. He, she , it, singular name - was +Verb(ing) . You, plural - were +Verb(ing) Ex - He was not playing chess when we visited him - Why were they planning a meeting? - Who was making that noise?

  9. . The future continuous is used to project someone into the future EX By next year, he wil be completing his MBA. The future continuous is used for predicting or guessing about future events . Ex - He will be visiting us next week. . The future continuous can be used to refer to continuous events that we expect to happen in the future EX -I will be wearing a red dreSS tomorrow Future Progressive .V

  10. Future Progressive .V. Will + be +Verb(ing) Ex - He will not be playing chess in the nest tournament. Why will they be planning a meeting? - Who will be cleaning those rooms?

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