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Day 6: Degrees of Adjectives and Participles as Adjectives - English (in Hindi)
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This lesson describes degrees of adjectives and how participles of verbs are used as adjectives.

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Banking Chronicle - "I Can And I Will" With Ankush Lamba, Kapil Kathpal & Niharika John Mehra

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sir,can you please make an video for the books which we need to follow for cgl exam
Sheetal Sharma
2 years ago ( most important gk questions for SSC chsl and cgl
ma'am if possible solve some questions related to topic after finishing the topic.....plzz
ma'am if possible solve some questions related to topic after finishing the topic.....plzz
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  1. Complete Banking Exams Preparation ADJECTIVES

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  3. Three degrees - DEGREES OF ADJECTIVES Positive-No comparison . Comparative - compares between two things . Superlative - compares amongst more than two things

  4. .Words with y' in end or one syllable er' is added to form comparative degree and 'est' is added to form superlative .Ex - This jar is bigger than that one . This jar is the biggest of all jars in this shop ADJECTIVES Words with two or more syllable 'more' is used before adjective in comparative degree and 'most is used before adjective in superlative degree Ex - He is more handsome than Rocky. .He is the most handsome in the college. 1

  5. Some adjectives have entirely different forms - good, better, best . than' is used for comparison . to' is used with words like junior, senior, Important Points inferior, superior etc.. . 'the' article is used before superlative

  6. Both present participles (ing) and past participles (ed) can be used as adjectives. PARTICIPLES AS ADJECTIVES Present participle adjectives are active and mean having this effect'. They are also used to talk about the person, thing, or situation which has caused the feeling . Past participle adjectives are passive and mean 'affected in this way'. They are also used to talk about how someone feels Ex - The play was amusing It was boring journey - An interesting book - A relaxed person

  7. PARTICIPLES AS ADJECTIVES The participle adjectives make their comparative by using 'more' (not -er) and their superlative by using 'most' (not -est) . Ex - He is more frightened of cats than dog e- That Chapter is more interesting than this one .- That was the most interesting documentary I have ever seen . - It was the most frightening incident ever.

  8. . Some adjectives like - Ideal, Unique, Complete, Full, Chief, Infinite, Perfect, Extreme, Entire, Universal, Empty, Square, Sound, Impossible, Unanimous etc. are not compared in degrees as they express specific meaning .Ex.- It was the most unique event.(X) .It was a unique event. Everything is the most perfect in my life Everything is perfect in my life Some Exceptions

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