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Day 7 - Verbs Introduction and Indefinite Tense - English (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains basics of verbs and indefinite tense in active voice.

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Banking Chronicle - "I Can And I Will" With Ankush Lamba, Kapil Kathpal & Niharika John Mehra

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Sir, with fully due respect i am urging you to pls change the map used in slide no. 11 which shows a huge mistake in it, In this stupid map some of our J&k regions are shown in pakistan and china. Pls improve it....... Sorry thoda jazbati ho gya...... Bt kya kru country ka sawal h
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2 years ago
Watch Vocabulary Analysis of The Hindu for CSAT Paper-2
mam vocab kha milegi aapki
nyc session...thanks mam bt ..I think it's not enough concept of verb to prepare banking exams ...
Thank you mam... there is an error in last slide of this lesson (to) is missing in 3rd example kindly correct the error if possible...
when will you start practice questions session ?
mamm the agent is very dedicated to his work hoga n?? Apne her work likha h
  1. Complete Banking Exams Preparation VERBS

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  3. Verbs are often known as 'doing words'. . They can also show 'having' or 'being' VERBS For example: . - The lion roared and scared the rabbit. The man went on holidays for 10 days. .- The agent is very dedicated to her work.

  4. . Present (am, is , are), Past (was, were), Future (will be) Ex- I am a teacher, He is a father. - They were his sisters. Without Main Verb . Present (has, have), Past (had), Future (will have) Ex I have a balloon . They had a car . He has my diary.

  5. Verb (V1) Present Indefinite A.V. Only in Affirmative sentence or sentences Starting with who Third person singular takes verb with 's, es, ies' in end . He likes to play. Who likes to play? He does not like to play. Why do they like to play? . Third person singular takes DOES and rest subjects take DO in case of negative and interrogative sentence

  6. . Verb (V2) Past Indefinite .V. Only in Affirmative sentence or sentences starting with who, we use V2 . He liked to play. Who liked to play? . He did not like to play. . Why did he like to play? Did along-with V1 is used in case of negative and interrogative sentence 1

  7. Will + Verb (V1) Future Indefinite .V. Ex . He will go to the party. . Who will go to the party? . He will not go the party . When will we go to the party'?

  8. VocabTime By Niharika John Mehra By Niharika John Mehra (Hindi) Important English Vocabulary from Top Newspapers: Bank... (Hindi) The Hindu English Word List for Bank Exams 39 Lessons 21 Lessons 62 ratings 7 reviews 55 ratings 12 reviews

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