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Day - 10 : Quantitative Aptitude - Average (In Hindi)
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Basic concepts of Average

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Unacademy user
tooo fast & monotonic mam!!! slow it down bcs many ppl who doesnt know basic geographic terms.........will not able to understand or follow ur lecture........some terms make it simple & good way like roman sir....with some wat interactive way......
first time basic clr Huye h....please continue rakihiye ga and time and work, time and distance k. basic colrr krvayie..thanku
wow sir consecutive wala question meney is tarikey sey kabhi ni kiya ....very nice way to solve this kind of question.
sir please es course ko continue rakho bhut help mil Rahi h topic wise har chiz ko understand Karne m
sir puzzle ka video v daliye.aur ap most current affairs ka course bahut hi accha hai . Please continue after clerk main exam
sir plz continue karo plzz sir bohot help mili muje Plz sir i beseech you

  2. AVERAGE - At B+ C 2 3 10% 20%

  3. AVERAGE - At B+ C 2 3 10% 20% 13 2 42 21%

  4. The average age of a family of 6 members is 22 years. If the age o the youngest member be 7 years , the average age of the family at the birth of the youngest member was? 13 2 5

  5. 5 years ago the average age of A,B,C,D was 45. with E joining them now, the average age of all the five is 49 years. How old is E? 48 5 245

  6. The average of four consecutive odd numbers is 12 which is the lowest odd number 12 3 1S

  7. A group of 20 girls has average age of 12 years. Average age of first 12 from the same group is 13 years . What is the average age of the other 8 girls in the group? ISC 3 x12