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Day 10: Auxiliary Verbs - English (in Hindi)
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This lesson explains how auxiliary verbs are used.

Banking Chronicle Guild
Banking Chronicle - "I Can And I Will" With Ankush Lamba, Kapil Kathpal & Niharika John Mehra

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Sir, We don't bother whether it 45 mins or 1 hour. Longer the time, more we benefit.
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Aman it is use in terms of polite permission.
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  1. Complete Banking Exams Preparation AUXILIARY VERBS

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  3. Also called 'helping verb' Auxiliary Verb . Ex- be, do, have, may, might, must, wil, would, shall, should, can, could, ought etc .To be, do, and have can be used as a main verb or an auxiliary verb. Ex- I have a plan. I have done my work

  4. Will Used to express desire, preference choice, consent, express the future Ex - I will take this responsibility. It will rain tomorrow , . Auxiliary Verb Would-(past of will) Used in auxiliary functions with rather to express preference, for wish, possibility, desire, habitual thinsg Ex-would like to have one cup of tea If I were you, I would be really surprised

  5. Shall - Used to express will of speaker, asking politely, obligation, requirement . Ex Shall we leave? You shall sign here Auxiliary Verb Should - (past of shall) Used to express an opinion, suggestion, preference, idea, opinion, for wishing something had happened but it didn't or couldn't Ex- He should rest today. What should we do?

  6. Auxiliary Verb Can - Used to express ability, permission, requests or suggestions Ex - Can I use your pen? He can complete it. . Could-(past of can) Used to express past ability, polite permission, possibility .Ex- He could run very fast. Could you help me?

  7. May - Used to express formal permission, to suggest something that is possible Ex - May I come in? It may rain today. Auxiliary Verb Might- (past of may) Used to express a smaller possibility .Ex- He might return today Must - Used to express something formally required or necessary, to show that something is possible .Ex He must fill this file before 7 pm.

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