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6th June 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu ( in Hindi )
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6th June 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu ( in Hindi)

Amit Baghel
UPSC 2018 mains; Doing 'The Hindu Newspaper Analysis' since June,2017. YouTube- Gurukul Prime.

Unacademy user
श्रीमान तत्सम में अनर्थ का तद्भव आपने अनाड़ी लिखा है जबकि अनाड़ी अनार्य का तद्भव होता है आपने अनार्य को अनर्थ पढ़ लिया है और इसी वजह से ये गलत लिख दिया होगा
Pawan Pareek
a year ago
GoI must also focus on internal security, especially in preventing any misunderstandings between Shias and Sunnis. The volatile situation in middle east must not be allowed to spread the venom of clashes in India. Also, MoEA needs to be ready with an operation similar to the Lines of Operation RAHAT, if matters escalate and the middle east countries, backed by USA invades or attacks Qatar.
  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF THE HINDU in Hindi 6'th June,2017 Presented by Amit Baghel

  2. ABOUT ME Computer Science graduate from JIT, Noida Work experience of 2+ years in MNC Writer by passion, newbie in guitar and civil service aspirant Interest: Music, reading non fiction and watching TV series

  3. India's biodiversity riches grow by 499 India successfully fires heaviest launch vehicle species Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) having their own indigenous cryogenic engine technology successfully launched its heaviest launch vehicle. On World Environment Day (5 June), India has 499 reasonsIndian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) having on World Environment Day (5 June), India has 499 reasons to cheer: 313 species of animal and 186 of plants have been discovered from various areas of the country last year Animal Discoveries 2016, New Species and Records, brought out by the Zoological Survey of and Plant Discoveries 2016, by the Botanical Survey of India, bring the glad tidings Of the new animal species, 258 are invertebrates (Invertebrates are a group of animals that have no backbone,) and 55 vertebrates. As many as 97 species of insects, 27 of fish, 12 species of amphibians, 10 of Platyhelminthes, nine of Crustacea and six of reptiles have been discovered and described by the scientists. There are 61 species of moths and butterflies (order Lepidoptera) and 38 of beetles (Coloeptera). Most discoveries were made in the Western Ghats (17%). followedby.the EasternHimalayasu5%).thewestern Hi coast (8%), eav on Monday, a preciseo The GSAT-19, a communication satellite, expected to enhance India's communication infrastructure, was placed into a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) The satellite weighs 3,136 kg GSLV MkIII-D1, successful launch will enable India to launch 4-tonne class satellites from India. These were earlier launched from launch pads abroad The GSAT-19 carries a communication transponders It also carries a Geostationary GRASP) payload to monitor and study the nature of charged particles and the influence of space radiation on satellites and their electronic components The spacecraft will open up a lot of new vistas in the field of Internet connectivity, broadband connectivit

  4. Survey puts Nilgiri tahr population at 1,420 in Kerala Population estimation of Nilgiri tahrs conducted by the Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department, using the bounded count method, has put the total population of the endangered species at L420, which include 664 at the Eravikulam National Park in Munnar. Eraviku National Park eucalyptus. wattle and pine.This is especially pervasive in the Nilgiris and eucalyptus, wattle and pine.This is especially pervasive in the Nilgiris and lain Palani forests. Nigini tahrs nKerala 1,420 At Eraviulam National Park 664 What is bounded count method? Often maximum of those counts is used as an index to the population size. That maximum value clearly is a biased (low) estimate of the number of males because, as indicated by studies of radio-marked birds, some males in the population that use the lek may be either absent or present but not detected during the lek count In the Bounded-count (or jackknife) Estimator, which is always at least as large as the largest count. It is simple to compute, being twice the largest count

  5. Five Arab powers sever ties with Qatar CRISIS IN THE The Arab world's strongest powers cut ties with Qatar on Monday over alleged support for Islamists and Iran. Yemen, Libya's eastern-based government and the Maldives joined in later. GULF Saudi Araba, the UAE, Bghran, Yemen and Egypt have art off dplomatic relations with Qutar triggering a major dplomatic crisis in the Gulf region . Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, emboldened by U.S. President Qatar Emir Shelch Tamim Saudi King Salman Donald Trump's new approach to the region, have seized the chance to isolate nald Trump' s new approach to the region, have sei Qatar Syrla: gatar-funded weapons and money have allegedly supparted rebel groups in Syria The diplomatic broadside threatens the international prestige of Qatar which is base and is set to host the 2022 World Cup Qatar has for years presented itself as a mediator and power broker for the region's many disputes, Background- Tensions were brewing within the Gulf Cooperation Council for the past six years ever since Islamist movement that the Saudis and their close allies see as a threat to stability in West Asia. In 2014 Saudi Arabia the UAE and Bahrain had temporarily withdrawn their SYRIA Doha QATAR financiel patron of Hamat Gaza cantrolied Gaza Strip IRAQ IRAN U.S. Central Command for Middie East is at Al Udeid Alr Base Cairo Qatif province: Gatar accused of supporting mittants EGYPT n Saudi Arabia Rtyadh over this. But a suspension of diplomatic ties as well as BAHRAIN Headquarters of U.S. Navy's Sth Fleet SAUDI air and sea travel to and from Qatar is unprecedented But what's the reality? Egypt: Relations with Qatar have been tense since mid-2013, when Arablan Sea It is an open secret that both Saudi Arabia and Qatar back their proxy militant then-army chief Abdel Abu Dhabi UNITED Fatteh al-Sisl ousted Qatar-backed President Mohammed Mordi (below)-a Musim Brotherhood member take the case of Syria, where the Saudis back Salafi groups such as Ahrar al EMIRATES Both share the same goal: to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad Emboldened by Yemen Saudi-backed govt accunes Qatar of backing Iran-aligned Houthi rebels

  6. Cont. What could be the impact? If Qatar continues to resist the GCC line, it could trigger a wider crisis in the region. Qatar is an economic powerhouse in the Gulf and hosts the headquarters of the USmilitary's Central Command The air war command for the U.S.-led fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is also in Qatar. So any prolonged attempt to isolate the country would not only have economic consequences oil prices fluctuated soon after the decision was announce Impact on India ay the move will ot impact India inmediately., there will be repercussi most analysts say the move will not impact India immediately, there will be repercussions if the tensions continue and differences are not resolved. India sources more than half of its energy import needs from countries in the Persian Gulf. Six lion Indians live and work in West Asia and they sent home about $63 billion last year. Energy imports case of Yemen, Libya, Lebanon and other countries, any tensions in the region have an immediate impact on thousands of Indian workers untries However, as in the and maintained good ties with all, but a further fragmenting West Asia will require even more deft diplomacy to keep these ties untouched by the tensions India has significant trade ties with the country (Qatar is India's 19th biggest trading partner with about $9bn in trade), although its trade ties are much stronger with the UAE and the KSA (who rank 3rd and 4th respectively, with about S49

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