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28th June 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu (in Hindi)
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28th June 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu

Amit Baghel
UPSC 2018 mains; Doing 'The Hindu Newspaper Analysis' since June,2017. YouTube- Gurukul Prime.

Unacademy user
u said it's hindi but u day it in English
Thanks and really miss your 27 and 28 June's DNA
Amit Baghel
3 years ago
My apologies for this delay. 26'th June lesson will be uploaded soon. There is little bit in uploading lessons because I'm in hometown. It'll be regular once I reach Delhi :)
Antima Sharma
3 years ago
  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF THE HINDU 28th June,2017 Presented by Amit Baghel

  2. ABOUT ME Computer Science graduate from JIIT,Noida Work oexperience of 2+ years in MNC oWriter by passion, newbie in guitar and civil service aspirant Interest: Music, reading non fiction and watching TV series

  3. Indo-U.S. Big gains, but joint statement gets a delicate balancing o By a indications, the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Donald Trump exceeded expectations of both sides, on the optics and on the language of their joint statement, o The language of the joint statement this year is much tougher on terrorism, specifically on Pakistan- based terror groups. A few hours before the Trump-Modi meeting, the U.S. State Department moved to make Hizb-ul-Mujahideen leader Syed Salahuddin a specially designated global terrorist, a move welcomed by India. o However, on some aspects of the bilateral relationship, this year's joint statement fell short of last year's, when Mr. Modi met Mr. Obama. Here's a comparison: Focus on trade o The Indo-U.S. Strategic Partnership is on course, but with the emphasis shifting to trade and economid ties. This is reflected in the titles of the two statements: "Enduring Global Partners in the 21st Century" in 2016, and the more modest "Prosperity Through Partnership" this year. While the 2016 statement focussed on "Bolstering Economic and Trade ties", this year's statement is more direct on how that will be done, with references to "balancing the trade deficit" e The joint statement of 2017 continues previous references to "a growing strategic convergence" bolstered by military, maritime and intelligence cooperation

  4. Indo-U.S. Big gains, but joint statement gets:a delicate balancing Focus on China o India indicated it had brought the U.S, round to its position on the Chinese "Belt and Road initiative"with a reference to "respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity" on regional connectivity projects, which has been India's major concern. However, the statement appears to have softened some of the language on China's actions in the South China Sea. For example, instead of saying the two countries would "ensure" freedom of navigation, overflight and commerce through the Indo-Pacific region (that refers to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean), the language in 2017 only "reiterates the importance of respecting freedom of navigation," etc. New entrant o on NorthKorea - curbing Kim Jong-Un's nuclear and ballistic belligerence, o North Korea is a new entrant into the joint statement. Traditionally, India has maintained trade and low-profile relations with North Korea. U.S. praises Indian contributions to promote Afghanistan's democracy, stability, prosperity, and security .The coinu c leaders committed to continue close consultations and cooperation in support of Afghanistan's future

  5. Indo-U.S. Big gains, but joint statement gets a Climate change While cooperation on energy is highlighted in the joint statement, it was to be expected that all reference to the Unites States' commitment to helping India battle climate change would be dropped, given Mr. Trump's harsh observations when he pulled out of the Paris accord. The India-US. civil nuclear deal, which was due to see the conclusion of the NPCIL-Westinghouse agreement for six reactors by June 2017, appears to be on hold for the moment, with Foreign Secretary Mr. Jaishankar expressing the hope that Westinghouse, which has filed for bankruptcy, will be "back in business" by the end of 2017. Defence sale means job:s with the sale of Guardian drones, Apache attack helicopters, and C-17 aircraft, defence orders by India for American companies will be nearly $19 billion, "supporting thousands of U.S. jobs." However, while the two leaders were able to establish a common understanding of global issues, the joint statement indicates that many bilateral issues are yet to be resolved Including India's concerns on the immigration process and HIB visa curbs, and Mr. Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. which will leave India's climate change financing handicapped. It is to be hoped that these will be raised in the near future.

  6. India and Netherlands ties o The Netherlands on Tuesday backed India's early entry into the NSG and other multilateral export control regimes, and supported the country's bid for a permanent UN Security Council seat. The Netherlands' support came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with his Dutch counterpart, Mark Rutte, The two countries signed three MoUs in social security, water cooperation and cultural cooperation sectors. Mr. Modi said reforms introduced by his government seek to enhance ease of doing business Solar alliance o Mr. Modi invited the Netherlands to join the International Solar Alliance. Mr, Rutte appreciated the lead taken by India to galvanise global action on climate change, and declared that the Netherlands would consider the invitation positively. Wis seo thesalco b o With 20 per cent of India's exports to Europe entering through the Netherlands, they discussed the role of the Netherlands as India's Gateway to Europe

  7. China protests against 'incursion' A comparison of the two routes used The road to Mt. Kailash by pilgrims from India OLD ROUTE: Takes 19 days. Involves a risky trek of 200 km. Was damaged in the 2013 floods NEW ROUTE: Gangtok to OLD ROUTE NEW ROUTE Maansarovar (1,550 km), takes just 12 days e Motorable roads, is less arduous than the old route Jammu & Kashmir Mt. Kallast Hlmachal Pradesh Mansarovar Uttarakhand Lipuleh GangtokSikkim Uttar Pradesh Ralasthan Nathu La

  8. China protests against 'incursion' The recent stand-off of the Indian Army with the Chinese People's Liberation Army PLA) at Doko La on China-Sikkim-Bhutan tri-junction is being seen as an attempt by China to "assert" itself in areas which were not prone to transgressions or disputes. o The tri-junction is primarily guarded by the Army and the ITBP forms the second layer of securitv Not surprising o There has been a spike in Chinese transgressions after the visit of the Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh earlier this year and the numbers are expected to go up. India's cold shoulder to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is also being seen as one of the reasons behind the increased transgressions o How much time does it take for China to change its strategy by shifting focus from Ladakh/Arunachal Pradesh to Sikkim and Uttarakhand. It is being done to stall development work in border areas o The Sino-Indian border of Sikkim has been delineated by the 1890 Sino-British Treaty on Tibetan Customs. After the independence of India, the Indian government has confirmed this in writing several times, acknowledging that there is no objection to the border between the two sides

  9. China sends out a strong signal o Most sources within and outside the military warned that the latest developments, especially the Chinese move to close the Nathula Pass route to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, should be treated as a diplomatic message from Beijing o While the past trends have shown these kinds of incidents are initiated by the Chinese during high-profile bilateral visits According to military sources, soldiers of both sides are in a stand-off along the Sikkim border for the past few days. Indian sources insist that Chinese soldiers entered Indian territory and destroved two bunkers in Doka La region, on the tri- junction between Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet o The location where it has happened is also significant. They have been trying to build a road there. For us it is build a road there. For us it is strategically important. It is just 30 km from the Siliguri corridor or the Chicken's Neck " is bination of strategic, sovereignty and territorial issues bundled into It is a combination of strategic, sovereignty and territorial issues bundled into one,"

  10. Uttarakhand challenges human status to rivers No interim orders on Aadhaar, observes SC The Uttarakhand government has moved the Supreme Court challenging an Uttarakhand High Court order granting the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and their tributaries the status of living human entities "The state is a democratic welfare state which is saying that they will not deprive anyone of the benefits. Alternative IDs are valid as of now," it observed 'Questions of law' Challenging the three-month-old verdict which bestows on these rivers, their tributaries and water bodies fed by them the same legal rights as enjoyed by a person and declares the State chief secretary as their local guardian (loco parentis), the State government contends that the order was legally untenable "No interim order can be passed or mandamus (direction to government official to fulfil official duty) can be issued on mere apprehensions. You have to wait for one week. If somebody is deprived (of the benefits), you can point out the same to this court. What is the difficulty," a vacation Bench of Justices A.M Khanwilkar and Navin Sinha told the petitioners Human casualties The petition questions whether in case of human casualties in a flood, the affected people can file suit for damages against the chief secretary of the State and whether the State government woul liable to bear such financial burden