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2nd June 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu ( in Hindi)
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2nd June 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu ( in Hindi)

Amit Baghel
UPSC 2018 mains; Doing 'The Hindu Newspaper Analysis' since June,2017. YouTube- Gurukul Prime.

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Thank you so much Sir. This will be really helpful in the exams also when trying to explain someone.
Dinesh Sai
2 years ago
Thank you Ankita ???? If you like this course plz give 5 star rating & it will be really motivated for me to do more courses in this platform
Guys. there was some issue with the device. I hope sould quality would be better next time. Thanks for support and feedback :)
Thankyou Sir........ :)
Sir Hindi effective nhi hai. OR sound thodi low hai. rest is good Sir.
Thank you sir but sound is very low..
sound kafi slow hai aapki
Amit Baghel
3 years ago
now it's fixed for new lessons. thanks for your feedback :)
  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF THE HINDU in Hindi 2'nd June,2017 Presented by Amit Baghel

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  3. Jaitley blames services slump for drop in GDP What is Zika, ask people of Bapunagar,Ahmedabad-First cases were detected The slowdown in the GDP in the fourth quarter of 2016-17 was not solely due to demonetisation, Global factors and a slowdown in the services sector had played a part Zika virus (ZIKV) is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae. It is mosquitoes such as A. aegypti and A. albopictus. Its name comes from the the virus was first isolated in 1947 a, where Symptoms The infection, known as Zika fever or Zika virus disease, often causes no or only mild symp fever. Treatment-There is no specific treatment. paracetamol (acetaminophen) and rest may help with the symptoms the illness cannot be prevented by medications or vaccines Zika can spread froma pregnantwomanto her baby This can result in microcephaly, severe brain malformations, and other birth defects Zika infections Guillain-Barr syndrome He said maintained that even after slump in services like financial sector ,7-8% growth rate is fairly reasonable rate of growth for India and globally it is very good engue There are also some challenges , such as resolution of bank NPAs, which is a work in progress and a major challenge Zia test

  4. India's polar ship still a long way off SC order enhances rights of landlords India's plans to acquire Rs 1,000 crore polar research vehicle (PRV) a ship that can cut through ice sheets and glaciers- ma from the latter, the Supreme Court has held Under Section 11 (4)), a tenant can be evicted on the ground that he has other buildings in the same city which would suit the purposes, residential or official, for which he is using the disputed rental building Under Section (4 (iv), the landlord can seek the eviction of his tenant for the purpose of demolition or reconstruction of the rental building In the present case, the local rent control court allowed the plea for eviction on the ground of demolition and reconstruction but not on the fact that his tenant was in possession of another building in the same place y see fresh delays > After failed contract with Spanish ship-building company in early 2015 due to escalated cost, under the 'Make in India' policy Indian companies gets an edge in bagging these contracts >India has also announced plans to rebuild Maitri, its research station in Antarctica Concerns- Indian companies are not experienced in building PRVs. Insisting on Indian companies for the sake of it may mean longer delays Why do we need it2 Growing need of the scientific community to initiate studies in ocean sciences > The landlord successfully moved the First Appellate Authority for relief also under Section (4)i). The tenants moved the Kerala High Court, which held that a landlord cannot continue to seek eviction on various grounds after he has already been granted relief under one that is under Section (4) (iv) for the purpose of demolition and reconstruction > The uncertainty in the charter-hire of polar vessels and the ever escalating chartering cost:s The expansion of scientific activities into the Arctic and Southern ocean

  5. Investment pact system needs review India, Russia ink nuclear plant pact nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu and decided to give a "new direction" to the defence cooperation between the two "great powers". urgently reviewed and reformed, according to a senior Indian government official This is because the IIA system currently has a pro- The two countries also decided to hold the first tri Services exercises, named Indra-2017,' this year and start j and not labour, indigenous people, migrants, or consumers, all of whom have linkages with investment Current ISDS regime can be quite costly for host countries again host countries What needs to be done 1 focus on other alternative modes of dispute settlement, including domestic remedies or compulsory negotiations and mediation, wherever possible Direct access to international mechanisms should be allowed only when there are no local re added In vision document, the two countries called for an medies, he

  6. LIGO makes third gravitational wave detection The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors in the U.S have GW170104 this signal marks the third confirmed detection of gravitational waves ole merger It is of great interest to the scientific community that the black holes, having masses nearly 31 times and 19 times the sun's. masss. Until the first detection of gravitational waves by LIGO in 2015 (GW150914) it was not known that such massive black holes could exist The gravitational wave detection was "the first time. a chance event: second time.a India's ASTROSAT mission did a related sensitive search for short duration x-ray flashes associated with the event and did not detect any. These results wil be published soon by the scientists from ASTROSAT led not merely a bk-hole merger but also the Detection has revealed not merely a black-hole merger but also the alignment of the spins of the black holes. This can shed light on the way the black holes might have formed.the spins of the probably not align direction This supports the theory which says that black holes form independently in a star cluster, then sink to the centre of the cluster and eventually merge. It does not favor the competing theory according to which binary black holes form in pairs even at start and eventually merge

  7. Manufacturing growth slows to 3- month low Trump pulls US out of Paris pact, blames India and China The country's manufacturing sector growth cooled to a three-month low in May following softer demand The Paris climate agreement gives undue advantage to India and China at the cost of U.S interests, President Donald Trump said on Thursday, announcing America's withdrawal from the pact According to Mr. Trump, the Paris agreement would lead to a redistribution of American wealth to other countries and transfer of American jobs abroad That the agreement "is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the U.S" of new work received by firms, according to a monthly survey released on Thursday The headline Nikkei India Manufacturing Purchasing -was down from 52.5 in April to a three-month low of 51.6. An index reading >The upturn in the Indian manufacturing sector took a step back in May, with softer demand causing slower expansions in output and the amount of new work received by firms. Moreover, there was a renewed

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