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3rd February 2017: Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and other Newspapers
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Today's lesson covers the Editorials from The Hindu, Indian Express and Livemint. The topics discussed are-Indo-China relations, Political funding and H1-B visa issue.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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8/10; I think less temp range in Equatorial Climate is due to Convectional Rainfall, rather than Equatorial Air-mass..
Can you post model answers for the most important topics? People who are practicing will have an opportunity to make changes and present much better before October. June to October wont be sufficient to make changes and analyse or interpret questions.
Truly appreciate your work Deepanshu, but the earlier i.e before February Daily summary and analysis were better! Pros: Covered wider section(more facts and figures), Category based implementation(Like National,International) In this courses its more like summary type! just an opinion from my side.
sir ,to become IAS is the dream of the most youth in our country,,,but they cannot achieve their dream because of poverty,opportunity,lack of guidance. lots of students cannot afford the coaching price,,,,pls sir help us evry time thanku vry much sir for ur grt work
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3 years ago
Haha bro you don't need dream to be IAS .... ... It is just IAS not PM of India
@Deepanshu Singh Sir Plz make them more elaborative and suggest solutions for the problems mentioned in any of the article and kindly provide the tips for answer writing
how to take pdf file of editorial summary bz to write all these things is time taking.Deepanshu sir plz suggest something, how to get pdf .PLZ help sir
  1. EDITORIAL ANALYSIS OF NEWSPAPERS IN LESSTHAN 10 MINUTES "Febnuary,207 ebru Presented By chrome

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  4. QUESTION FOR ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE Q:- Do you think recent budget proposal would address the issue of corruption in politics? Critically comment. unacademy discuss [Course] - January 2017 Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and Other Major Newspapers More > (Hindi) January 2017 Editorial Analysis of The Hindu... m Test Preparation UPSC AAS deepanshu.n.singh 17 11d January 2017-Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and Other Major Newspapers m... t5 The course w bring you in-depth analysis of important editor as torn leadng newspapers ike The Hindu, Indian Express Livemint esc which are relevant for Mans as wellas preims Pinned Topics Government examinations These w heip you in your Mans as well as prems preparation About Us Careers Terms Prvacy Contact Us Twitter Facebook created steeply 113 379 21 48 1 Frequent Posters

  5. TH: A SEASON TO REPAIR RELATIONS GS-2 The Chinese Ambassador to India, Luo Zhaohui, recently put forward some suggestions for improvement of bilateral tired and worn in recent months ties between China and India. The suggestions are timely since relations between the two Asian giants have looked A tensed relationship-NSG issue, Masood Azhar-UN. Security Council's 1267 Committee, the deployment of Chinese military and engineering assets in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC)apart from the historical border disputes. o Absence of trust-While the border areas between the two countries have remained conflict-free, the Line of Actual Control continues to be subject to conflicting interpretations by both India and China o Commentators have suggested that India's Tibet policy is also being recalibrated, drawing conclusions from the Dalai Lama's projected visit to Arunachal Pradesh and his being "seen at Rashtrapati Bhavan, sitting beside President Pranab Mukherjee -The nationalist Chinese media condemned it. o Suggestion by The Chinese Ambassador- 1. He suggested a 'friendship and cooperation treaty' 2. An FTA to boost bilateral relations. 3. Joining of hands on China's One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative

  6. o Analyzing his statements- These statements could be part of an effort within the Chinese establishment to review relations with neighbors like India, given the strategic uncertainties generated by the advent of Donald Trump's administration in the U.S. and his unabashed negativity towards China Trump's phone call with the Taiwanese President, his proclaimed intention to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese goods; and the new U.S. Secretary of State's thinly disguised threats against China's building of artificial islands in the disputed areas in the South China Sea have all generated concern in Beijing o Devil in the detail- 1954 "Panchsheel Agreement-essentially tied up the status of Tibet It also outlined the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence that became empty words over the ensuing years as the relationship slid into conflict and then took years to revive Given the state of bilateral relations and other issues-a treaty of friendship and cooperation may only be an inventory of good intentions but not a transformative document o Trade relations-Trade between India and China has grown to an annual volume of $70 billion (2015-16). India has made a strong pitch for Chinese investments under Make in India in infrastructure development, solar energy and smart cities. FTA is a forward looking idea-not goods-centric, but which is comprehensive, covering goods and services, cross-border investment, R&D, standards and dispute resolution would be worth exploring

  7. o Connectivity builds the sinews of successful diplomacy PAKISTAN-CHINA ECONOMIC CORRIDOR today- Poor connectivity in South-Asia also hampers diplomatic cooperation-> OBOR, CPEC but at the same time India-member of AIIB which is bolstering OBOR. o Then there are sovereignty issues surrounding the dispute LAHORE DERA ISMAIL KHAN between India and Pakistan over the State of J&K, despite the provisions of the 1963 China-Pakistan Boundary Agreement which conceded the disputed nature of the territory (in what Pakistan now calls Gilgit-Baltistan but what India claims as part of Jammu and Kashmir) covered under the agreement- cause of main reservations to OBOR by India. CHINA Lhasa EXISTING ROUTE Improving Connectivity- Gyangtse Revivig Nathu La-already the crossing point for border TIBET H1ma ya s HIm a Ia y a s trade between India and the Tibet Autonomous Region. A true indicator of Chinese positivity would also be approval for India to open a Trade Office in Lhasa in place of the old Consulate General that operated there until 1962. REOPENED ROUTE Thimph NEPALINDIA BHUTAN Kathmandu Gangtok 20 miles o This is a road that provided for the transport of goods and Nathula Pass services between Tibet and the outside world through India.

  8. An opening of ties between India and the Xinjiang region of China is also worth examining Providing for air connectivity between Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang proyi njiang province, and New Delhi as one of the OBOR linkages, for instance, would help the promotion of people-to- eople ties and trade and commercial contact and could also heriveeniaanoer terronsm coopeation elp open a new chapter in counter-terronsm cooperation between India and Karamay Mongolia Kazakhstan Terrorism-A common cause of concern: Urumq o The two countries have a common interest in curbing religious Turpan K mul radicalism and terrorism Korla Inner Kashmir and Xinjiang, both contiguous neighbours, have similar challenges posed by terronsm and separatist movements Iongolia Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region ansu Provin o New thinking necessary-Competitive coexistence, with a clear .Kashgar delineation of areas of difference and how to manage them, the promotion of business and people-centred connectivity and mutual contidence-building with tension-reduction measures cannot do any harm. Xining CHINA Qinghai Province Hetian Tibet The border problem, by virtue of its complexity and size, will take its time to resolve. o not to pursue her legitimate interests China cannot expect India n ensunng the security of its periphery, and to promote ties with countries like the U.S. and Tapan and ASEAN partners in the Indo-Asia Pacific. o

  9. SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS ON H-1B VISA ISSUE o While H1B visa bill has some breather in the form of should be changed from creating "IQ to IPR" abolition of 7 % green card limit and abolition of lottery system, it heralds the era of protectionism. Any negotiation with USA would be of short term benefit. In fact it is skilled workforce of India that's helping them in completing auxiliary affairs so much effectively that they can focus areas of competence and advancement. They are creating o Indian IT firms have been among the top recipients of the 65,000 such visas made available annually via a lottery system, in some years garnering well in excess of 80% of them. IPR at the cost of our I More restrictions on US IT firms employing skilled Indian labour would not solve the problem of unemployment Rather rise companies would be happy to have offshore operations outsourcing labour requirement entirely. Japan's example- In 1981, the Reagan Administration forced the Japanese automobile industry to sign an agreement limiting exports to the US to 1.68 million automobiles a year. That deal was supposed to protect America's floundering automotive manufacturers, but it did nothing to help General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler become more competitive. But for India, there need not be too much obsessed with IT sector workforce. o the agreement forced the Japanese companies to localize This is era of change, or disruption to be precise. Any technological amendment- artificial intelligence, automation, telepresence and augmented reality- could lead IT sector to become obsolete! manufacturing. Thus, Us import restrictions enabled the Japanese automobile makers to transform themselves from manufacturers of cheap automobiles to competitive corporations that could hold their own in the US. Focus should not be upon accommodation of skilled workforce abroad but to create environment to have accumulation of intellectual property. In short, mindset

  10. SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS ON H-1B VISA ISSUE o Thus India should focus on its entrepreneurial potential and potential is intellectual property that could have disruptive effect on market o However, intellectual understanding alone is seldom sufficient to drive transformation. A variety of factors -mindset, culture, capabilities, incentives, budgeting processes and the pressure to deliver-all conspire to hobble the shift to the future. The larger and more successful the company, the harder it is to make the change. o Immigration issue gives our policy makers a chance to rethink of future strategies so that long term and sustainable solutions can be sought rather than depending upon mercy of shocks of externalities. We can learn from America how it created intellectual property by investing on STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) educational initiatives. The approach of policy makers should change from accommodating workforce" to creating "intellectual prowess"