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21st February 2017: Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and other Newspapers
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Today's lesson covers the Editorials from The Hindu, Indian Express and Livemint. The topics discussed are- Neo-Protectionism, ISRO and its legacy of success, Jallikattu and historical references.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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best teacher u r mam
Swêêt Ãrõrã
5 months ago
Shubam Sharma
5 months ago
please upload video on business cycle if possible
Sir on an average you cover 3 editorials daily but, if you can provide us 2-3 slides just as an overview to cover it up ourselves on daily basis like you did today with jalikattu one, then it would provide lot of information for us.
Mitesh Gajnanda
3 years ago
but brother , their are many aspirant who are not in reach on HINDU physically . On App of Hindu , we could find these there and then it become time consuming .Though it is fruitful , but we lack something and that is experience for now .
Arjun Thakur
3 years ago
But this shall help the majority of aspirants. If peopleare not in reach of the hindu than they must try to, it is not difficult to reach a newspaper in today's time.
I'm not able to find that tab to wirte the answer
instead of reading , analyzing will be better.
Neeraj chhikara
3 years ago
ur right, he just keeps on reading the news fastly and dont discusss them wtf
Sir r u not uploading editorial hi hindi?
site is updated faster than app
  1. EDITORIAL ANALYSIS OF NEWSPAPERS IN LESSTHAN 10 MINUTES Presented B 21st February,2017 chrome

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  4. QUESTION FOR ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE aer .What do you understand by "two state solution' in the Israel - Palestine conflict situation? What .What do vou understand by 'two state solution' in the Israel- Palestine conflict situation? What are the other alternative solutions available ?Critically examine. [Course] February 2017- Editorial Analysis of The Hindu and Other Major Newspapers / Test Preparation UPSCIAS generai-awareness The Hindu and Other Major w..ompleted deepanshu.n.singh Pinned Topics Unsceleny 201 Newspapers. The course will bring you in-depth analysis of Important editor norm leadng newspapers like The Hindu Indian Express Livemint etc which are relevant for Government examinations. These will help you in your Mains as wels as prelims preparation PReply

  5. MINT: WHY ISRO HAS A LEGACY OF SUCCESS GS-3 Why Isro has managed to deliver on a level that few other comparable government agencies have? . Why Isro has managed to deliver on a level that few other comparable government agencies have? - Perhaps the most apt point of comparison is the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) - Similarities->Both work in areas where technological and research capital is paramount. Both deal with targets that require advanced application of that capital. Both, importantly, work on projects that can take decades to come to fruition. - Why then differences in performance? The first is organizational structure? from the beginning The entire structure functioned directly under the prime minister, followed by negligible interference of Bureaucrats and hiring of specialists in ISRO. Contrast this with the DRDO, which functions under the ministry of defence and is entrenched in the bureaucratic culture the political and bureaucratic set-ups have failed to articulate a long-term vision to understand the needs of the Armed Forces This means that the DRDO functions at a remove from the end users of its technology, and with inadequate leadership at the ministry level. The second reason is international cooperation Isro has been able to work with the international scientific community since inception The DRDO, on the other hand, has faced far greater barriers here partly to do with geopolitics and international restrictions on sharing defence-related technology . The Indian political leadership's stress on entirely indigenous development in past years. This has been counterproductive

  6. A third difference is accountability in the form of outcome budgets? given the nature and risks of technological projects with long gestation periods, strict financial accountability is not feasible But some level of periodic oversight is necessary--and while DOS submits an outcome budget that contains a But some level of periodic oversight is necessary-and while DOS submits an outcome budget that contains a detailed breakdown of Isro projects, the ministry of defence, and thus DRDO, are exempt. More likely than not, this will eventually result in further divergence in the outcomes of both agencies But then, it's not possible to employ all the lessons learnt elsewhere But there is no harm and potentially much good in examining its success and the methods that can be successfully translated, such as streamlining decision- s and lateral entry at t - The political and bureaucratic will to actually employ those methods is required.

  7. TH+MINT: A BRAVE NEW SELF-HELP WORLD AND AMERICA'S DANGEROUS NEO-PROTECTIONISM Gs-2/3 . Age of Uncertainties and rise of Neo-protectionism-This systemic uncertainly is accompanied by a dangerous mix of global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, changing climate, challenge of hybrid warfare, and worldwide demographic, societal and environmental stress. Neo-protectionism- It is, on the one hand, an attempt to "save" domestic jobs by slapping tariffs on foreign goods, influencing exchange rates, restricting inflows of foreign workers, and creating disincentives for outsourcing, On the other hand, it involves neoliberal financial deregulation. This is not the way to help the US working class today - The U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) is just the beginning. It is well on its way . Mr. Trump may also turn his attention to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which proposes to cut Implications The void left by US will give opportunity for China to rise > Australia has indicated the possibility of to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement tariffs and regulatory barriers between the U.S. and European Uniorn inviting China to fill the slot. Beijing will grab this opportunity to highlight its rising influence will get a boost! OBOR and MSR Military Retreat> after exporting military power around the world leading to both destruction as well as stability, Washington wants to retreat. Such an abrupt power vacuum cannot be without resultant challenges mixed messages from the U.S. about NATO could harm the collective security architecture of Europe

  8. -US-> has been a major beneficiary of its global engagement, serving its geopolitical interests, peace-building led to the creation of soft power, keeping Russia at bay through NATO and EU Threatens EU's post-national project The rise of EU as a political, economic and security actor would have been unthinkable without the American military These transformations in the international system herald the triumphant return o realpolitik-it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first (Realpolitik is politics or diplomacy based primarily on considerations of given circumstances and factors, rather than explicit ideological notions or moral and ethical premises) Why worrisome? -> global power shifts are accompanied by geopolitical chaos- Henry Kissinger Implications for Asia 1. Chinese influence will increase and its smaller neighbours would have no option but to acquiesce.(accept something reluctantly but without protest) the rise of Russian and Chinese geopolitical influence and their bilateral partnership will impact the entire region, including India. Third, with China and North Korea in their neighbourhood, both South Korea and Japan will be forced to increase their own military build-up North Korea will take its chances to strengthen its strategic arsenal leading to a great deal more security competition in the region 2. 3. Third, with China and North orea in their neighbourhood, both South Korea and Japan will be forced to 3. 4. ongoing war of words between U.S. and Iran could open yet another front in the region

  9. . A note on Neo-Protectionism and why it will be detrimental for USA Why this issue? Though the US currently boasts of a low unemployment rate of 4.8%, many people are working only part-time, and the labour-force participation rate (the share of the working-age population that is working or seeking work) has fallen from 67.3% in 2000 to 62.7% in January. . Moreover, real wages have been largely stagnant for decades-loss in manufacturing jobs? the culprit is technological innovation and, in particular, robotics and artificial intelligence, which have boosted productivity substantially American attempts to stop domestic firms from tapping global cheap labour does not change that reality, or stop companies elsewhere from doing so As a result, US producers would become less competitive vis- -vis those from, say, Germany, France, Japan and South Korea. Meanwhile, financial-sector deregulation would exacerbate economic inequality within the US. . Solution UBI- the time has come to consider some form of basic income and profit-sharing, Finland has experimented with this. In the emerging world, India, in its most recent economic survey, has outlined a full scheme. . The tax system should be made much more progressive, Investment in new forms of education that enable workers to take on more creative tasks, which cannot be completed by robots, will also be vital because the the conflict is one of labour versus capital, whereas the neo-protectionists harp on competition between US and foreign labour.

  10. The writing is on the wall From history ,the number of times students have protested, we seem to have learnt nothing from history, and there seems to be every possibility that these will recur in the future o Supreme Court's refusal to stay the new piece of legislation passed recently by the Tamil Nadu Assembly may have been a relief for jallikattu supporters, but it came with the reminder to the State government "that maintaining law and order situation is its prime duty" order situation is its prime duty" o The hundreds of youth who had taken to peaceful protest for the cause were nowhere to be seen,after the judgement. scholars found it difficult to select references with Sangam literature about jallikattu. Sangam poetry is replete with references to how our fortunes are inextricably intertwined with nature like music, art, dance,boat racing for coastal regions,drama,emotions and food,games form one small facet of culture; jallikattu occupies an even smaller part and found support mostly from the pastoral regions. o If culture is what defined the Sangam period, then we have really missed the point. Tamil has had a continuously evolving literary tradition beyond Sangam poetry like in bhakti poetry where poets used stories from epics