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31st October 2018 Part-2: Daily News Analysis
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Borail wild life sanctuary - southern part of Assam in catcher and dima hassan... Amazon rain forest is in south America. It is the world largest tropical rainforest. The forest covers the basin of the Amazon, the world's largest river. The Amazon is home to the greatest variety of plates and animals on earth.... Wassenaar Arrangements formally established in July 1996..india is 42nd member of this group. Egibilty - new members are accepted based on specific criteria, including countries that produce or export arms or associated dual-use goods and technologies, establishe national policies that restricted sale of arms and sensitive technologies to countries of concern and adhere to non proliferation regimes.. Nuclear suppliers group - NSG established in 1974.
Amazon Rainforest. It is the world's largest tropical rainforest, also known as Amazonia or Amazon Jungle.The Amazon Rainforest is located in 9 different countries but the majority of it (around 60%) is located in Brazil. The rest of it can be found in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana..... The NSG was founded in response to the Indian nuclear test in May 1974 and first met in November 1975 and Indi is not a member......The Australia Group is a multilateral export control regime (MECR) and an informal group of countries (now joined by the European Commission) established in 1985. India has joined the Australia Group (AG) on 19 January 2018.eligibility- Member of BTWC and CWC,Success of biotech industry,Elaborate framework in existence.
Barail is the only wildlife sanctuary of the Barak valley region. It was initiated by noted naturalist Dr Anwaruddin Choudhury, who originally hailed from this region in early 1980s.This sanctuary was ultimately notified in 2004. Hailakandi have Inner line reserve forest and Katakhal reserve forest.
1.Borail wild life sanctuary 2. Amazon rain forest is in south America covers the basin of the Amazon, the world's largest river,home to the greatest variety of plates and animals on earth, it is worlds largest tropical forest. 3.Fazl Commission
1. The Australia Group-established in 1985.(INDIA IS A MEMBER) 2.Wassenaar Arrangements- established 1996.(INDIA IS A MEMBER) 3.The Missile Technology Control Regime-established 1987.(INDIA IS A MEMBER) 4.Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)-established 1974.(INDIA IS NOT A MEMBER)
  1. want fo be start but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base 1. Page 1: CBI officer moves SC for SIT probe in Asthana case 2. Page 12: Protection for Asthana case whistle-blower ph reve 3. Page 1: 'States can fix own slots for crackers 4. Page 6: Statehood sought for Assam's Barak Valley 5. Page 7: 'India among nations that face grave danger to soil biodiversity 6. Page 12: RBI failed in its duty as a regulator, says Jaitley cause ferent 7. Page 12: India invites Italian firms to invest in defence sector 8. Page 15: CP redemptions keep NBFCs on edge pu 9. Page 15: Liquidity, economy figure in FSDC meet kand stay

  2. want fo be start but th Page 6: Statehood sought for Assam's Barak Valley. three parts _Bodoland, NC Hills-Karbi Anglong and Kamatapur to ensure peace. A students' organisation has advocated statehood for southern Assam's Barak Valley HILLS&BARAK VALLE pl because of a "sharp division" between he linguistic groups created by the National OF ASS rev Register of Citizens and Citizenshi Amendment) Bill, 2016 Barak Valley comprising three districts Cachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj-_is Bengali-dominated Karbianglong arbangbrg ink h cause ferent Dima Hasao pu The relationship between the people of this vallev and the Assamese-dominated Brahmaputra Valley has been ambivalent. The organisation also said that the Assam beyond Barak Valley should be divided into . Cacha Kari kand stay akand

  3. Page 7: 'India among nations that face grave danger to soil biodiversity ' The Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas was releaseed by the World Wide Fund for Nature The WWF's 'risk index' for the globe - indicating threats from loss of above-ground diversity, it th pollution and nutrient over-loading, over-grazing, intensive agriculture, fire, soil erosion, desertification and climate changeshows India among countries whose soil biodiversity faces the highest level of risk. Coloured red on the Atlas, these include Pakistan, China, several countries in Africa and Europe, and most of North America. re he Soil biodiversity encompasses the presence of micro-organisms, micro-fauna (nematodes and . The findings were part of the bi-annual Living Planet Report (LPR) 2018 . Mr. Singh cited a Tamil Nadu Agricultural University study that observed that while 150 illion tardigrades for example), and macro-fauna (ants, termites and earthworms) This year's report highlights the threat to soil biodiversity and pollinators [such as bees] bee colonies were needed to meet the pollination requirements of about 50 million hectares of agricultural land in India, only 1.2 million colonies were present " The WWF added in its report that the two key drivers of biodiversity loss were: 1. the over exploitation of natural resources and 2. Agriculture. stay The WWF warned that while India's per capita ecological footprint was less than 1.75 hectares/person (the lowest band among countries surveyed) its high population made it vulnerable to an ecological crisis, even if per-capita consumption remained at current levels.

  4. want fo be start Blue planet The map is under threat intensive agricuiture, fire soil erosion, desertification &cimate change but th ding to risk index which indicates threats from of above-ground diversity, pollution, nutrient over-loading, over-grazing, Risk index VERY LOW LOW MODERATE HIGH VERY HIGH WATER ICE ph reve ink h cause ferent pu 90% of the kand stay world's seabirds may have bits of lastic in their 2000 of the Amazon rainforest has disappeared in the last 50 years 170 The number of times global temperature has risen 6000 The fall in the numbers of fish, birds, mammals and reptiles from 1970 to 2014 stomachs mage Credit: The Hindu

  5. want fo be start but th Page 12: RBI failed in its duty as a regulator, savs Jaitle Finance Minister Arun Jaitley targeted the RBI at the India Leadership Summit organised by the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum, accusing it of not doing its duty as a regulator during 2008 and 2014 and allowing indiscriminate lending eThe government of the day, he said, was pushing banks to lend, which resulted in credit heg growth in a year shooting up to 31% from the normal average of 14% Banks went into projects of demerit which did not have the capacity to sustain the capital. . The non-performing assets or NPAs were put at 32.5 lakh crore during those times, but when - ink h cause ferent an asset quality review was ordered by the new government in 2014, it emerged that bad oans were of the order of R8.5 lakh crore. pu kand stay

  6. want fo be start but th Page 12: India invites Italian firms to invest in defence sector. India invited Italy to participate in the defence sector under the 'Make in India'scheme. The invitation was extended during the high-level discussion between visiting Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which also included an agreement to counter terror financing and state sponsors of terrorism reve eIndia and Italy held the 9th Military Group Meeting earlier in October in which they agreed on cooperation in 2019. This was the first time the two countries have agreed on joint defence production since the Augusta-Westland case exploded in 2013. India's Scorpene submarine project has suffered due to the controversy which left the submarines without the Black Shark torpedoes Mr. Conte's visit is the first since he took charge in June 2018 Mr. Conte also indicated support for India's quest for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group and underlined Rome's support to India's membership in the global technology cause ferent PLI kand stay export groups

  7. want to bee starton Page 15: CP redemptions keep NBFCs on edge th With commercial papers (CPs) worth lakh crore coming up for redemption by mid-November non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and micro-finance institutions (MFIs) are in a quandary on how to tide over the liquidity crisis . While large lenders are sitting on comfortable liquidity, it is the mid and small NBFCs and MFIs that are likely to face the crunch reBanks and mutual funds are the main sources of funding for housing finance companies and other he NBFCs. While banks contribute about 40% of the funding, MFs contribute 30%. According to estimates, 55% of NBFC papers with mutual funds have less than 90 days maturity, which could lead to redemption pressures Anticipating liquidity pressure, micro-finance institutions are meeting their lenders on November 1 to discuss ways to tide over the liquidity crunch Lack of cash would impact business growth for MFIs in the festive season when loan demand is typically high While large MFIs have access to bank finance, the mid-sized and smaller ones depend on funds from i NBFCs. . . ad If NBFCs face cash crunch, then that will have a cascading effect on the MFI sector. . Anticipating liquidity crunch, the RBI has announced 40,000-crore liquidity infusion in November through open market operations. The liquidity deficit in last fortnight was about?! lakh crore on an average On some days, the deficit spiked to 11.5 lakh crore es that I

  8. want fo be start Strain on the purse but th Lack of cash would impact business growth If NBFCs face cash crunch, then that will have a cascading effect on the MFI sector refor MFls in the festive season when loan demand is typically high 55% of NBFC papers pe an While large MFls have with mutual funds have less than 9O days maturity, which could lead to 2 access to bank and l stay nance, the mid- sized and smaller ones depend on NBFCs redemption pressures Image Credit: The Hindu

  9. want fo be start but th Page 15: Liquidity economy figure in FSDC meet Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Reserve Bank of India Governor Urjit Patel met face-to- face-at the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) meeting for the first time after the tension between the government and the central bank became public. .The council discussed at length the issue of real interest rate, current liquidity situation, he including segmental liquidity position in NBFCs and the mutual fund space rev The panel also decided that the regulators and the government will keep a close watch on developments and take all necessary measures. .The FSDC is headed by the Finance Minister and comprises the RBI Governor, the SEBI cause t ferent Chairman, and heads of regulators such as PFRDA, IRDAI and the Chairman of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board. Sources present at the meeting said that Dr. Patel said the liquidity scenario among NBFCs was not as severe as it was being made out to be, but also assured the government that the RBI would ensure adequate liquidity in the system. . kand stay .PFRDA chairman Hemant Contractor later told reporters the FSDC also discussed the health of the economy, both domestic and global and issues due to rising oil prices.

  10. but th The meeting assumes significance for various reasons, including the perceived liquidity shortage being felt by NBFCs as also because it was the first time the RBI Governor met Mr Jaitley following RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya's comments about how the government was undermining RBI's autonomy. Dr. Acharya's comments sparked off speculation on relations between the RBI and the rev Centre, with several former officials of both saying that communication between the two had completely broken down. he .Unlike in the past, all four RBI deputy governors attended the FSDC meeting along with Dr. Patel ink h cause ferent pu kand stay