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27th October 2018 Part-3: Daily News Analysis
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question 4 me one added to 1st digit.. so 984=1084 so ismey 3rd digit 8 hua jo perfect square ni h.. to answer to option IV. two hua naa????????
Nikhil Dhiman
7 months ago
u are 100% right
The government has been spending nearly 30% of its total subsidy on food, fuel and fertiliser to ensure that farmers get the key agriculture input at cheaper rates.
The 17 rare earth minerals - Cerium, dysprusium, erbium, europium, gadolinium, holmium, lanthanum, lutetium, neodymium, praseodymium, prometheium, samarium, scandium, terbium, thulium, ytterbium and yttrium... Constituent of fertilizer - Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P), Potassium(K).. NPK ratio - 16-16-16 (16% nitrogen, 16% phosphorus, 16% potassium).. Fertilizer subsidy 2018 - 19- 2.64 lakh crore... Fertilizer price regulated in 2015.... Thanks sir for DNA...
1.Rare earth minerals- Aeschynite Allanite Apatite Bastnäsite Britholite Brockite Cerite Fluocerite Fluorite Gadolinite Monazite Parisite Stillwellite Synchysite Titanite Wakefieldite Xenotime Zircon 2.Some alloys of copper along with the base metal - Arsenical copper - Arsenic Beryllium copper - beryllium Billon - silver Brass - zinc Bronze - Tin, aluminium or any other element 3.Composition of fertilizers The ratio of the three main components of fertilizers - Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium depends on the type of fertilizer. For example Urea - Nitrogen : Phosphorus : Potassium = 46:0:0 4.India imports large quantity of chemical fertilizers from U.S.A., Russia and E.U. 5. Fertilizer subsidy for the year 2018-19 - ₹70,079.85 crore
aeschynite allanite apatite bastnasite britholite brockite cerite fluocerite fluorite
Rarest earth mineralsthat contains significant rare earth substitution i)AESCHYNITE II)ALLANITE III)APATITE IV)BASTNASITE V)BRITHOLITE VI)BROCKITE VII)CERITE VIII)FLUORTIE IX)FLUOCERITE X)GADOLINITE XI)MONAZITE XII)PARISITE XIII)STILLWELLITE XIV)SYNCHYSITE XV)TITANITE XVI)WAKEFIELDITE XVII)XENOTIME XVIII)ZIRCON Alloys of coppers are Brass Billon Beryllium copper Arsenical copper Ratio of fertiliser there are three main micronutrients Nitrogen(N) Phosphorus(P) Potassium(k) 3 secondary micronutrients calsium , magnesium , sulfur micronutrients are- copper , iron , magnesium , zinc , boron , cobalt, vanadium, silicon, molybdenum
  1. but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base 1. Page 1: Sri Lanka unity govt. falls, Rajapaksa sworn in as PM 2. Page 1: SC sets deadline for Verma probe, curbs powers of Rao ph reve 3. Page 9: Supreme Court puts CVC, Verma on a tight leash 4. Page 9: SC order a positive step, says Centre 5. Page 5: IAF gets first overhauled Sukhoi 6. Page 5: Varsities having Ordinance need not follow central rules ink h cause 7. Page 5: 'Farm loan waiver not a permanent solution' 8. Page 8: Pakistan's ban on Saeed's outfits lapses 9. Page 10: China, Japan pivot to new markets 10. Page 11: RBI to inject 240,000 cr. in November 11. Page 12: Rise in input costs hits fertilizer units

  2. but th Page 8: Pakistan's ban on Saeed's outfits lapses India questioned Pakistan's commitment to fighting terrorism following reports that Jamaat- -4 ud Dawa (JuD) and its associate group Falah-I-Insaniyat Foundation are no longer on the list of banned organisations. In a submission to the Islamabad High Court, the legal team representing Hafiz Saeed, reve accused in the 26/ 11 Mumbai attacks, said the Presidential ordinance of February 2018 that- put the organisations on the list, has lapsed, indicating that the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has not extended the ban Hafiz Saeed's team had challenged the ordinance that was issued in February during the tenure of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. A report in Pakistan's Dawn said Imran Khan's government had neither extended the ordinance nor attempted to turn it into a law. Mr. Saeed, accused by India of masterminding the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, argued in court that he set up Jamaat-ud Dawa in 2002 after severing ties with the banned organisation Lashkar-i-Taiba (LeT). India accuses LeT of committing terrorist attacks in Kashmir apart from being the tool for the Mumbai strikes. The developments reveal that the Pakistani position of not extending the Presidential ordinance is a complete turnaround from its submission to the international Financial Action ink h cause Task Force (FATF that put t on a "greylist" earlier this year.

  3. but th Page T10: China, Japan pivot to new markets Faced with the threat of a trade war with the U.S., China and Japan have decided to work together to develop new overseas markets, by focussing on collaboration instead of competing with each other. pPrime Minister Li endorsed how ties between the two countries had pivoted from full-blown evalry to growing partnership, especially over the last two years. In his brief remarks, the Japanese Prime Minister said joint forays in third countries would now be one of the new templates of Tokyo-Beijing ties. Analysts say the Japanese Prime Minister's remarks showcase his "pragmatism" notwithstanding his strong nationalistic instincts. 29 . ink h cause New model . Japan's Kyodo news agency reported that by bolstering investment in other countries, Asia's I pur two biggest economies will aim to form a new model of economic cooperation between them. .The meeting between the two leaders was followed by the signing of a slew of agreements, which covered energy cooperation, military confidence building measures in the East China Sea, infrastructure development and joint development of hi-end technology.

  4. but th .Focussing on cutting-edge know-how, an agreement was signed to establish a discussion platform on hi-end technology and intellectual property. The Chinese side hopes that such a forum would help make up possible shortages of U.S. components, in case the Beijing- Washington trade and technology war escalates. The two sides also signed an agreement on joint development of gas fields in the East China Sea an initiative that was stalled in 2008, when tensions over islands, called Diaoyu by China and Senkaku by Japan, spiralled. A decision has also been taken to launch joint search and rescue missions in these waters. .Analysts say China seeks Japanese companies to participate in its Belt and Road projects, cause especially in the financial sphere, to counter allegations that Beijing is deliberately pursuing "debt trap" diplomacy as a tool for exercising political control in developing countries. By entering into joint ventures, Japanese firms hope they can revive their flagging fortunes in new opportunity areas The two countries also signed a bilateral currency swap dealt of $26.7 billion - around 10 times as larger than a previous agreement that has expired. .Mr. Abe said Japan and China agreed to work together to open a hotline as soon as possible. That would help avert accidental clashes at sea and in the air.

  5. but th Page 11: RBI to inject 40,000 cr. in November . The Reserve Banksaid it would inject 240,000 crore into the system in November through For October, the RBI has already injected 236,000 crore into the system through open Page 12: Rise in input costs hits fertilizer units purchase of government securities as it looks to meet festive season demand for funds. market operations (OMO) teep escalation in the prices of sulphuric and phosphoric acids has put the fertilizer industry in a tight spot. With the domestic availability of sulphuric and phosphoric acids in short supply, fertilizers units are reportedly forced to import them. The rising input cost as a consequence, according to these sources, may trigger adverse implications for farm production in the country. The current problem of the fertilizer industry, according to some industry sources, is to a large extent the result of the closure of the copper smelter factory of Sterlite, a Vedanta Group company, in Thoothukodi . cause pui . With India being the second largest consumer of fertilizers in the world, the impact of the closure on the downstream industries with price rises in acid raw materials will not bode well for the economy. India is also the biggest importer of raw materials required for production of fertilizers, especially for those containing phosphate and potassium The availability of these raw materials in the international market is limited and a surge in domestic demand will push the prices up.

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