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24th October 2018 Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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Jatin Verma
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Sir ,neet 2019 ke Lia app regular vdio banaoge....??
Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), the explosives regulator under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
So good to see DNA back by YOU, Jatin Sir!. Please do the DNA analysis here in Unacademy platform. Otherwise it doesn't not get interesting. Don't feel like hopping from here to You tube or to other platform. Thank you to see u here with a hope to get uninterrupted DNA analysis in future. U r doing a great work. Keep the spirit High ! :)
sir why don't we prefer sending school children to school instead of working...people forgetting the fact that if children will go to school then chances of their improved future will be more while working at that stage will hardly change/ improve their situation also, if we ban crackers it will ultimately benefit to even makers by reducing their expenditures too on health
Sorry for late answer PESO comes under Ministry of Commerce and industry....
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  3. want fo be start but th Important News Articles (Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base) 1. Page 1: SC moves to make festivals less noisy 2. Page 11: Neither a boom nor a bust for sales 3. Page 11: Ban on toxic and loud firecrackers ph 4. Page 11: Priority is for public health, says court 5. Page 7: 'Temple belongs to public, not priest.' 6. Page 7: Women have right to pray, not desecrate:- Smriti Irani 7. Page 7: Norms for full-body scanner at airports likely next month 8. Page 10: Imran vows to hold talks with India 9. Page 10: Talks if terror ends: Rajnath 10. Page 10: India issues demarche to Pakistan 11. Page 11: Behave like a true State, CJI tells Assam, Centre 12. Page 11: Bangladesh question looms over Citizenship Bill 13. Page 12: Xi opens world's longest sea bridge 14. Page 13: CAG questions RBI's role when NPA crisis was brewing 15. Page 13: Centre's refusal to provide IGST refund hurts exporters ink h cause ferent PLI kand stay

  4. want fo be start but th Page 1: SC moves to make festivals less nois .The Supreme Court struck a balance between the interests of the firecracker industry and the right to public health, allowing the manufacture and sale of only "green" and reduced emission or "improved" crackers, while banning those that are loud and toxic to man, animal p and the environment. rev he#.A Bench held that only green or improved crackers would be used during religious festivals In nationwide curbs, the judgment reduced the time for bursting crackers during Deepavali - For Christmas and New Year, the time slot allowed is half-an-hour, between 11.55 p.m. and . The court banned the manufacture, sale and use of joined firecrackers (series crackers or and other occasions, including wedding:s and other festivals to two hours: between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m half-past midnight. 'laris'), holding that they caused "huge air, noise and solid waste problems ink h cause ferent PLI kand stay The sale of green and improved crackers would be only through licensed traders. It banned online sale through e-commerce websites, including Flipkart and Amazon

  5. want fo be start but th The court urged the Central and State governments to permit"community" bursting of . It directed that the public should be informed about the designated places a week before pLocal Station House Officers would be held personally liable and hauled up for contempt if crackers during festivities in pre-designated areas. Diwali. hethere was any violation of the judgment, including the time slots for bursting crackers or sale of banned crackers The court rejected arguments that bursting crackers was a fundamental right and an essential practice during religious festivals like Diwali. Banning the use of barium salts in fireworks, the court entrusted the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) with the job of ensuring that only fireworks with permitted chemicals were sold or purchased during festivities or celebrations; test and check i pur for the presence of banned chemicals like lithium/arsenic/antimony/lead/mercury; and ensure that only those crackers whose decibel (sound) levels were within the limits were allowed in the market. PESO has been empowered to suspend the licences and appropriately dispose of stocks of manufacturers who violated the court's directions cause ferent kand stay

  6. want fo be start but th Page 11: Neither a boom nor a bust for sales Manufacturers and sellers of fireworks across the country, heaved a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court refused to impose a blanket ban on the manufacture, sale and usage of fireworks. y has r the relief was tempered by anxiety over a raft of restrictions that the court had ordered, eincluding the ban on the industry's use of barium salts -a key ingredient in colour and light emitting fireworks_ and how it may impact business in the key Deepavali period. Concerns ink h cause ferent At least 40% of the fireworks used during Deepavali are these types ofcolour and light- emitting products Industries are worried as many workers' livelihoods were at stake as "there are over 100 units that are exclusively involved in making sparklers and other light-emitting products." Tamil Nadu's Virudhunagar district, with 1,070 registered fireworks units in Sivakasi, caters to more than 80% of the fireworks requirements of the country. At least 3 lakh people are directly employed in the industry, while the ancillary units for packaging, adhesives, box making and printing and transportation employ another 5 lakh people. . . PLI kand stay ,

  7. want fo be start but th The Supreme Court had not heard the Petroleum and Safety Explosives Organisation, which is the licensing and approving authority, over the ban on barium salts. The other major sticking point was the restriction ordered by the SC allowing the use of firecrackers for only two hours on the night of Deepavali: from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m . y ha eeThere is already a regulation banning crackers between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m which means e*children will have to wait till 8 p.m. to burst crackers. The uncertainty over the last two years had shrunk the industry's output to about 54,000 crore, from 56,000 crore .The time restriction on use of firecrackers would hurt manufacturers. Welcome decision . Residents in Bengaluru welcomed the SC's directions on firecrackers, terming them a cause ferent PLI prescription that would ensure 'prevention is better than cure' kand stay It would ensure protection of the environment by reducing the pollution The respiratory diseases, shock due to the noise and chemical contamination in the air would be reduced

  8. want fo be start but th Page 11: Ban on toxic and loud firecrackers Bursting of firecrackers during Deepavali may not be the only reason for air pollution, but the Supreme Court cannot become a mute spectator and allow the deterioration of air quality caused by the bursting during the festival reveThis is how the Supreme Court's judgment, declaring a ban on toxic and loud crackers, heexplained itself. The Bench acknowledges that there is a necessity to tackle the other contributory factors for air pollution. Unregulated construction activity which generates a lot of dust and crop burning in the neighbouring States are the two other major reasons. Vehicular pollution is also another cause, ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  9. want fo be start but th Page 11: Priority is for public health, says court .The Supreme Court refrained from imposing a complete ban on firecrackers, even while emphasising that the right to health of milions is far more important than averting an economic loss to the firecracker industry. .They also acknowledged that the State actually suffered an equal, if not greater, economic reve loss if a hazardous industry or bursting of crackers ended up causing a rash of ailments in the community .The firecracker industry, strongly backed by the Tamil Nadu government, had argued that there was no definite study to show that bursting of crackers worsened the air quality during festivals such as Deepavali The cracker manufacturers had argued that the revenue from the manufacture and sale of fireworks came to 6,000 crore a year and that such a revenue to the State as well as employment on which five lakh families sustain cannot be put in jeopardy by imposing a total ban. They emphasised that there is a necessity to adopt a balanced approach. ferent U kand stay .The judgment said though the right to health was part of the fundamental right to life under Article 21 and assumed "greater importance," the "endeavour" of the court right now was to strive for a balance between the right to public health and the right to occupation of the industry

  10. want fo be start but th Efforts made in the past by Supreme Court On August 1, 2017, SC had directed that no firecrackers manufactured by the respondents shall contain antimony, lithium, mercury, arsenic and lead in any form whatsoever. It is the responsibility of the Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation (PESO) to ensure p compliance particularly in Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu. There seems to be some doubt about heg strontium and its compound rev The apex court also made it clear that for setting up of standards for firecrackers, collaborative efforts will be made between CPCB and PESO . cause ferent pu kand stay

  11. want fo be start but th Page 7: Temple belongs to public, not priest' . The Kerala government came down heavily on the priests of the Sabarimala temple for threatening to close the doors of the sanctum if women of childbearing age entered the place of worship as allowed by the Supreme Court. pIt said that only the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) could decide when to open or close rev the temple and that the priests were merely its employees. It said social reforms have always met with some resistance initially. . The govt. also cited the example of Guruvayur temple when the conservative classes had shut the doors of the temple in 1932 to defeat the struggle by "untouchables and avarnas" for the right to worship. Public pressure later forced the temple overlords to reverse their decision The government planned to regulate the number of daily visitors to Sabarimala to a more manageable figure. cause ferent . PLI Tirupati was perhaps a model for Sabarimala. The pilgrims would need to reserve their kand stay darshan time in advance. The measure would help them spread the number of daily visitors evenly across the pilgrimage season that concludes in January 2019. The police would get ample time to check the background ofsuspicious visitors, if need be. .

  12. want fo be start but th Page 7: Women have right to prav, not desecrate: Smriti Irani Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani raised a Twitter storm with her statement that women everywhere have the right to pray, but not the right to desecrate. Chipping in on the raging debate around women's entry to the Sabarimala Temple, the rve Minister said this difference between right to pray and right to desecrate must be "recognised eand respected." She was speaking on the sidelines ofa conference organised by the British Higlh Commission and the Observer Research Foundation in Mumbai. Ms. Irani explained that she had personally experienced this as she was married to a Parsi and practising Zoroastrian faith, there were restrictions to praying at the city's fire temples. ink h cause ferent . pu kand stay

  13. tart hsar Difference between Backscatter scanners and Milimeter scanners. Both types of scanners give off energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which exists in nature as waves of energy made from both electric and magnetic fields. These waves travel through space and come in various sizes, or wavelengths. 6 phe Backscatter machines produce low-energy X-rays, which have a wavelength on the order he of 0.0000000001 meters, or 0.0000001 millimeters. 5 Millimeter wave scanners produce a special type of microwaves with wavelengths that fall in 1 other words, the waves emitted by mmw scanners are much larger and therefore have less impact on small structures, such as human proteins and nucleic acids.

  14. want fo be start but th Page 11: Behave like a true State, CJI tells Assam, Centre The State of Assam and the Centre should behave like a "true State" in the Aristotlian sense, said CJI while hearing the Assam NRC case The oral observation came on a hearing whether five documents can be used as proof by 40 lakh people excluded from the draft NRC to establish their Indian legacy during the ongoing claims and objections stage- : names in Nlecti, il sol up to March 24 rev names in electoral roll up to March 24, 1971; citizenship certificate and refugee registration certificate; certified copies of pre-1971 electoral roll, particularly those issued from Tripura; . . ration card The Supreme Court, in the previous hearing on September 19, had said that these documents were "capable of being manufactured." It had asked Assam State NRC Co-ordinator Prateek Hajela to examine the trustworthiness of these documents-part of a total of 15 documents listed by the Centre in their draft Standard Operating Procedure- and file a report The court informed the Centre and Assam that Mr. Hajeela had reported in the negative. Mr. Hajela concluded that it would be "inexpedient" to base a claimant's legacy on any of the five documents. The court directed Mr. Hajela to make a powerpoint presentation to the officials of Assam, Centre and other stakeholders represented by senior advocate Kapil Sibal about the conclusions cause t ferent . PLI kand stay

  15. want fo be start but th Page 12: Xi opens world's longest sea bridge Chinese President inaugurated a 55-km Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge (HMZB) bridge that will deepen the integration of Hong Kong and Macao with the rest of China. The world's longest sea-crossing bridge will be at the heart of an integrated Greater Bay Area (GBA) covering 11 major neighbouring cities, which include Hong Kong, Macao, y has ree Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The giant GBA comprising 68 million people is expected to rival the San Francisco Bay Area of the U.S. as well as the Tokyo Bay Area of Japan. The opening of the bridge docks with the start of a bullet train last month between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the gateway to the rest of mainland China. Analysts see the opening of the HMZB as a symbol validating the 'One country, Two Systems' formula under which Hong Kong and Macao have substantial political autonomy while remaining part of China. The bridge has been built to withstand super-typhoons, a magnitude-8 earthquake, as well as u hits by super-sized cargo ships. cause t ferent kand stay 7 km underground sea tunnel to allow uninterrupted flow of shipping above, along th super-busy Pearl River Delta, is also part of the bridge's design. In the end, it will cut the travel time between the three cities from three hours to just 3 minutes. It took about a decade to build the $20 billion bridge.

  16. want fo be start but th Page 13: CAG questions RBI's role when NPA crisis was brewing . Comptroller and Auditor General of India questioned the role of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) during the time when the banks were "going berserk with their lending", leading to the high levels of NPAs, saying that there was no public discourse on the role of the central bank p during this period rev eHe also highlighted that there was a lack of any public policy debate about the root causes of the bank non-performing assets problem As of the end of March 31, 2018, the banking sector had NPAs worth over 9.61 lakh crore, according to government data .oea ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  17. want fo be start but th Page 13: Centre's refusal to provide IGST refund hurts exporters While exporters are saying that a large part of their working capital is tied up in the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) they have paid on inputs, the government in a recent circular said that it would not be refunding this amount to them since it has already p paid them a drawback on the taxes they have paid. rev e.Exporters, however, say that the drawback amount paid back is only a fraction of the total amount they have paid and that most of it is locked in IGST. Legal position The system of drawback is such that exporters were eligible for two options: either an ink h industry-wide drawback rate, or a higher brand rate. The law says that when you claim a drawback, then you cannot claim any other benefits, and i pur the exporter has to sign this while claiming drawbacks. . kand stay . During the period of transition of GST, exporters opted for higher drawback rate instead of an IGST refund. But the drawback amount turned out to be much lesser than IGST refund

  18. want fo be start ut th Cascading Effect of taxes on Final prices of Goods & Services 10% Tax on RAW. phMaterial Again tax @ 15% 200+30-230 Rs After Processing Rs 200 Pears rew R.10010 So Total Tax incidence Rs. 10+20- Rs. 30 pe an remt Rs. 230 plus Sales tax on Retailer @10% MRP. Rs. 253. So, Tax on Tax leads to Cascading effect. GST by providing Input Tax Credit eliminates Cascading Kand