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30th October 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
good reasons to think a Cold War 2.0 b/w China and USA. 1.The US and China are plainly entering into a period of significant geopolitical rivalry. Each has ambitions that are mutually incompatible. Beijing wants a south-east Asian region in which it is not beholden to US primacy, while Washington wants to sustain its regional dominance. 2. trade war escalation is one of the most worrying developments.Most worryingly, due to China’s behaviour in the past — stealing IP, predatory approaches to foreign investment and refusing access to its vast markets — Trump’s tariffs have a surprising level of support in business circles in the US. 3.militarised competition.
Jatin Verma
a year ago
nice. try to compare this with features of Cold war-1 like proxy war
Preet kaur
a year ago
ok Sir.