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Complete Indian Geography by Sunil Verma

The country of India is geographically located towards the north equatorial region in between the north latitude of 8° 4′ and 37° 6′ and east longitude of 68° 7′ and 97° 25′. The country lies towards the south of the continent of Asia.

Being a peninsular country, India is bordered mostly by water bodies of Arabian Sea towards its southwest, Bay of Bengal towards its southeast and the Indian Ocean towards its south. However, the countries bordering the nation towards its north are Bhutan, China and Nepal, towards its east are Burma and Bangladesh, and towards west is Pakistan.

The forest areas of India sprawl over an area of 64, 113 sq. km. constituting 19.27 % of the country’s total area. 69 % of the total land area of India is covered by dry lands. The other part of 9.56 % is water. Indian rivers are accountable for a total area of about 14, 500 km.

Thorough and in-depth knowledge of Indian Geography is a crucial aspect of preparation for both UPSC CSE Prelims and UPSC CSE Mains. You can watch the entire playlist by Sunil Verma on Indian Geography by clicking on the link below:

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You can watch the entire playlist of Sunil Verma sir on Indian Geography by clicking on the link below:

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