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There are many government and non-government organisations across the globe which are investigating and clearing crime and keeping us safe, among which is the Central Investigation Department (CID). We will discuss the role of the CID and its functions in this article.

The Crime Investigation Department (CID) manages investigations and gathers information on various groups or by their Intel’s. The Crime Branch, headed by the Additional Director General of Police (AGDP) and motor-assisted by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), investigates serious riots and counterfeiting. The cases held are referred to by the High court of the state government. The Criminal Investigation Department also has other departments, namely Missing Personal Cell, Finger-print bureau, an Anti-Narcos cell, Anti-Human Trafficking, and an anti-terrorism cell. Each state has its Police manual, which holds the power and purpose of the Crime Investigation Department.

What is a Crime Investigation Department?

A (CID) or Crime Branch Department is a branch of state police services of India which is accountable for the investigation of crime, which is based on the Criminal Investigation Department of the British police-military unit. Crime Investigation Department CID is a killer team for Corruption and Crime, operating across India with the help of excellent officers and an omnipotent legal unit. It is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that plays a very important and significant role and directs independently the services of our country to make ourselves or our society safe from crime.

The Crime Investigation Department is taking significant steps against corruption in various government departments. Another department, NCIB, is also in force and making a vital contribution to uncovering the identities of many corrupted departments and making awareness among people about their rights.

The first Crime Investigation Department was created back in 1902 by the British Government, and in 1929 the Crime Investigation Department was split into Special Branch, Crime Investigation Department, and Crime Branch (CID-CB).

The CID-CB is an extraordinary wing in the Crime Department, headed by the Additional Director General of Police (AGDP) and power-assisted by the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Functions of the Crime Investigation Department (CID)

The Crime Investigation Department of the state is the investigation and intelligence organ of the state police, and it helps police help or deals with various types of cases. One can say it functions as the State police and has some more advanced roles, authorities, and features. 

The Crime Investigation Department has the following role or functions mentioned below:

  •  Mail Robbery 
  • Dacoity, Highway, Railway
  • Drugs
  • Forging notes or coins or stamps
  • Fraud
  • Some actions against such cases are Sections 400 and 401 of IPC and different legal proceedings under sections 109 and 110 of CrPC
  • An organised crime mob that operates above the boundaries of a single district
  • The Inspector-General issues a special order for these types of special crimes

To investigate the crimes mentioned earlier, control them, or assist these circumstances is needed. On the other hand, when big or serious crimes happen, the local authority looks for the assistance of the Crime Investigation Department with the support or approval of the inspector general or the state government. The Crime Branch or the Crime Investigation Department (CID) also helps the local authorities or the local police search for foreign criminal affairs.

The crime branch or the criminal investigation department performs the following roles or functions due to the complexity of crime and different working conditions-

  • Detection, Investigation, Registration, and legal action of a specified class of cases confined by the government and DGP
  • Utilising the criminal Intelligence system and crime analysis to better the detection, prevention, investigation, and criminal prosecution of criminal cases and update the Criminal records in the Crime-Criminal record or information system
  • Investigations and accompanying matters relating to criminal records and criminal investigation record the maintenance in the state and other States and National Organisation
  • Parliamentary and Assembly questions about crime and other matters concerning the state police, except those strictly administrative in quality or nature
  • Initiate and establish rescue operations in criminal cases such as human trafficking cases and render post-rescue victim care and protection in timing with non-government organisations
  • Maintain a dog squad and aid the district and Special Branch in locating criminals, explosives, anti-sabotage activities, and narcotics check-ups

FBP, and SCRB should operate professionally, efficiently, and autonomously. Returns and reports must be posited on time to the respected central and state government agencies. 

What is the difference between the Central Investigation Department (CID) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)?

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigates crimes concerning international and national interests. 

On the other hand, the Central Investigation Department is the department that enquires into the offences acted under its jurisdiction. 

The Central Investigation Department has the legal power over a particular state only, while the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has jurisdiction over the whole country.

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As a result, the Central Investigation Department plays a vital and significant role in the state. However, it works behind the scenes as important as the police department’s functions are similar to CID’s. The Central Investigation Department controls certain areas where other authorities, like the police, cannot interfere. As being different from other authorities, the Central Investigation Department also has other features to keep records of the crimes happening and the criminals.


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