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How to Clear NEET in First Attempt

NEET UG is one of the most challenging entrance examinations. Here is the expert-approved strategy to clear NEET 2022 in the first attempt.

NEET UG is one of the most challenging entrance examinations where millions of aspiring medical professionals compete to complete their dream of securing a medical seat in the country’s most reputed college. Although the success rate of clearing NEET in the first attempt is merely low, the number of students appearing for the exam is increasing every year. Presently, nearly 16 lakh students have enrolled for the exam. 

But do you think it is easy to crack NEET in the first attempt? It is a roller coaster ride where one has to be highly dedicated to getting through it in the first go itself. If you’re a class 11th or class 12th student, let us tell you it is possible to crack NEET in the first attempt. Want to know how? Here is the expert-approved strategy for you.

Tips to clear NEET 2022 in the first attempt 

  • If you’re preparing for NEET, the first and foremost thing is to commit yourself. 
  • Remember, the journey for NEET is long. There will be hurdles such as family issues, health issues, demotivation, etc. Make sure you do not let your studies suffer during those tough days. 
  • Do not self-doubt. Rather than demotivating yourself, work on gaps. 
  • While studying for NEET, be consistent. Consistency is the key to cracking any entrance examination, and NEET is one of those. 
  • Do not think about the result. Rather than wasting your time thinking about results, devote this time to studying. The results will automatically improve. If you’re not working in your present, there is no way your future will be better. Focus only on preparation. 
  • Get a thorough understanding of the NEET exam pattern. It includes the number of students appearing, qualifying, seats available, government and private colleges seats, exam pattern, and other important information. Let’s study this in detail.

NEET Exam Pattern – 

  • NEET is a 3-hour long exam.  
  • It has 180 questions and 180 minutes. 

This means you are given one minute to solve every question. However, this is not a uniform distribution. 

This might be the wrong decision if you’re thinking of appearing for NEET after your boards. To put it in simple words, there is nearly no difference between boards and the NEET syllabus. Although, the approach to writing answers is different. If you can solve subjective questions in your board exams, it is 100% possible to solve multiple-choice questions in the NEET exam. All the questions are from NCERT.

Subject wise distribution – 

Chemistry – 45 questions 

Physics – 45 questions 

Biology – 90 questions 

In 2020, about 15,97,435 students registered for the NEET exam. Out of these, 

Males – 

Registered – 7,16,586

Appeared – 6,18,075

Qualified – 3,43,556 

Females – 

Registered – 8,80,843

Appeared – 7,48,866

Qualified – 4,27,943

NEET UG Eligibility Criteria – 

  • To clear NEET, students from the general category need to obtain at least the 50th percentile in NEET. 
  • Candidates belonging to ST, SC, and other backward classes must obtain at least the 40th percentile in NEET. 
  • The minimum marks to qualify for the exam vary every year. 
  • If you want to qualify for the NEET exam on the first attempt, the first step is to make yourself believe in it. Do not ask for others’ validation. Always remember that your positive thinking can bring a massive change. 
  • Be regular and punctual while attending classes. Do not give excuses. 
  • While preparing for NEET, time management and speed is important. 
  • Appear for weekly and monthly mocks. 
  • Read NCERT line by line. 
  • Every time you read a chapter, attempt maximum past papers and sample papers. 
  • Along with hard work, focus on smart work as well. 
  • Every time you complete a chapter (with revision), tick that chapter. 

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Clearing and scoring good marks in NEET in the first attempt is not an easy ride; however, with dedicated efforts, it is possible. Moreover, a great strategy and taking up regular mocks can truly contribute to your success. Before sitting for the exam:

  1. Make sure you’re well-prepared with all questions because all questions are important if you’re to become the topper.
  2. Remember, Once you have the right mix of books, you’ve won nearly half the battle.
  3. Make sure you are thorough with the past year’s question papers, as certain questions are asked repeatedly.

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