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JEE Main 2021 July 27 First Shift Question Paper

Download the JEE Main 2021 July 27 First Shift Question Paper and practice well for the JEE examination. Read more.

NTA(National Testing Agency) conducted the JEE Main 2021 on July 27 in two shifts. These two shifts were morning shift and evening shift. The exam covers the syllabus of three subjects, which are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

The JEE Main exam was conducted on July 27, 2021, by the National Testing Agency in which all the COVID-19 related safety protocols were followed by the officials as well as the candidates. There were a total of ninety questions in the paper which was divided into thirty questions from physics, mathematics and chemistry each. 

Out of this, the thirty questions in each of the sections were divided into 20 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) while the integer type questions were 10 of which only 5 have to be attempted by the students. When talking about the subject-wise difficulty Mathematics section of JEE Main 2021 July 27 was moderately difficult. 

The focused topic under this was calculus algebra, matrices, vectors, 3D geometry, probability, and other related topics which were a bit tricky and complex. While the physics section in JEE Main 2021 July 27 ranged from simple to moderate. The focused topics in physics were electrostatics, magnetism, AC circuits, etc. The chemistry section was again moderate in difficulty level in which inorganic chemistry had more questions as compared to organic chemistry. The numerical part was a bit complex in the chemistry section as per some of the candidates. It will be more beneficial when the candidates solve some of the question papers to understand the format and types of the question asked every year. 

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