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How Many Attempts For JEE Mains

How Many Attempts For JEE Mains: Check out this blog to know how many attempts for JEE Mains are permitted by NTA and other relevant details.

JEE Main is the first stage of the IIT JEE. This entrance exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency for aspirants who want to pursue undergraduate courses in prestigious engineering institutes – NITs and IITs. It is a computer-based online test. Based on merit, the successful students are admitted into NITs, CFTIs, IITs, and various Govt. funded Technical Institutes.

How many attempts for JEE Mains 

There is no prescribed upper age limit for the JEE Main exam. Applicants can avail of attempts for 3 consecutive years after passing out from school. Since the JEE Main exam is held twice a year, this means that the aspirants can avail of 6 attempts for the exam.

Advantages of several attempts for JEE Main 

Owing to the two sessions (exams) for the JEE Main annually the candidates enjoy immense benefits.

  • The candidates can enhance their scores on the second attempt in case they have not fared well on the first attempt or are dissatisfied with their result
  • They can overcome their earlier shortcomings and mistakes
  • They will not have to drop a year because they are provided 2 attempts so an entire year is not lost
  • In case the candidate misses the first exam of the year he/she need not wait for one whole year to take the exam.

Validity of JEE Main Score

The JEE Main score is valid only for the current academic year. In other words, a candidate appearing for JEE Main in 2023 can apply for admission to engineering institutes only for the academic year 2023 – 2024.


How Many Times A Candidate Can Appear for JEE Main? According to the NTA, candidates have the opportunity to participate in the JEE Main exams up to six times over a three-year period following their Class 12th completion in 2023, 2024, and 2025. Essentially, this means that in a single year, a candidate can take the JEE Main exam twice, during the January and April sessions.

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Frequently asked questions

Get the important frequently asked questions for JEE Exam 2023.

Question: What is the validity of the JEE Main score?

Answer: The JEE Main score is valid for the current academic year...Read full

Question: How many attempts are provided in the JEE Main examination?

Answer: According to the National Testing Agency, aspirants can appear in the...Read full

Question: What is the age limit for appearing in the JEE Main examination?

Answer: There is no prescribed age limit to take the JEE Main exam....Read full

Question: Who conducts the JEE Main exam?

Answer: The exam is conducted by NTA.

Question: What is a good score in the JEE Main exam?

Answer: Securing 250 or above is termed a good score.