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How to Prepare for Exams in Short Time

Preparing for JEE 2022? Here in this article we have the proven strategy that you can follow to score the highest marks in IIT JEE

The IIT JEE is one of India’s most competitive and difficult examinations. Through IIT JEE, students can gain admission to the top engineering colleges of India. You can get a B.Tech degree or even a B.Arch degree when you appear in the IIT JEE. However, a lot of myths and misconceptions surround the topic of IIT JEE in India. Everyone is running a course that will help them secure a seat in their dream college.

Although this examination is very difficult to crack, many aspirants appear for this examination and can crack it. All you need to do is have a strong and positive mindset for the same. Now when only the last few days are left for the IIT JEE Mains exams, here is the proven strategy that you can follow to score the highest marks. So, without any further ado, let’s get started! 

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Tips to Prepare for Exams in Short Time 

  • Make a study plan 

The first and foremost is to plan and then study. Remember, if you haven’t planned your study material, there is no way you can maximize your marks. Hence, planning is essential. Note, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. This means if you haven’t planned for anything, it means you’re planning to fail in it. All you have to do is mark the date of your exam in your calendar. Mark the days you’ve in your hand and kickstart your preparation. 

  • Identify important information 

Once you’re done planning, it’s time to identify important information. When only a couple of weeks are left for the final examination, it is important to identify the areas which carry maximum weightage and work upon them. Rather than trying to complete the entire syllabus, study only the vital information to fetch the maximum marks possible. 

  • Solve previous year’s question papers 

We cannot emphasize enough on this point. Previous year questions or PYQ works like your tools which helps in understanding the pattern of the paper. It is best to practice at least 10 years of question papers before appearing for the exam. 

  • Prioritize sleep 

Remember, your body needs rest. When you work on exams like JEE, students often tend to compromise their sleeping patterns. Adequate sleep helps you understand and learn things for a longer time. Make sure you’re sleeping for at least 6-7 hours at night. Also, if you’re studying for straight 10-12 hours a day, small naps in between the day can really help. This will help you recharge your mind. 

  • Destress 

During the exam, there is a lot of stress in mind. No matter how much you’re prepared for the exam, stress is always the factor that can affect your memory power. The best thing you can do to destress is listen to slow music, go for a walk, meditate, and do other relaxing activities. Make a ritual of taking out at least 30-35 minutes for yourself to destress. 

  • Active recall and spaced repetition technique. 

Exams are conducted to test your memory power. Every time you read a topic, make sure you form 1-2 questions from each topic. Once you’re done with 2-3 pages, try to answer these questions. It will help you memorize concepts faster and efficiently. 

  • Stick to the right revision cycle. The day your chapter notes are completed, revise them the next day. Revise the same chapter after 3 days, followed by 7 days. Keep repeating this cycle until and unless you’re feeling each and every topic.  
  • Keep on participating in revision tests. 
  • Sit for at least 2 weekly tests and 1 to 2 monthly tests. 
  • Once you’re done with the tests, a thorough analysis of each and every topic is essential. 


With this, we come to the end of the topic How to Prepare for Exams in Short Time. The IIT JEE is one of the most difficult examinations conducted in India. Due to this, you must start the preparation as soon as possible. We hope this article has helped us understand the strategy of how to prepare for the upcoming IIT JEE exam. It will give you the go-ahead in advance. Nearly lakhs of students appear for the IIT JEE every year. Hence, you must give your all while you prepare for the examination. You should know how to manage your time well. 


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