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Get Ready for Boards with JEE

Here is a proven strategy of how you can get ready for your class 12th boards along with JEE.

Exams are an essential part of every student’s life. While there are a ton of exams that each one of us goes through in our lifetime, the two most important ones are the class 12 boards and IIT JEE, if you’ve decided to sit for it. Preparing for boards and JEE together can be overwhelming sometimes; however, sticking to a perfect balance is essential. Organised by the National Testing Agency of India NTA. Every year, the NTA holds a ton of national-level engineering, medicine, and art exams in India. Students passing these exams get a seat in the country’s best government and private colleges.  

Preparing for JEE along with your class 12th board exams is surely a hectic task that requires a lot of dedication and effort. Generally, the JEE exam is conducted in two phases including Mains and Advanced. Once the candidate clears the mains exams, they become eligible to appear for the advance. Here is a proven strategy of how you can get ready for your class 12th boards along with JEE. 

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Tips to get ready for boards with IIT JEE 2024

  • The first and foremost step is to give some time to prepare for boards along with the IIT JEE. Do not aim for a lower percentage on boards. Remember, the syllabus for boards and JEE mains is the same; only the approach is different.
  • Give time to subjects like English and Computer science during your free time. 
  • Do not lose JEE preparation momentum while preparing for boards. If you prepare only for boards, your JEE score might turn out to be low. Make sure you strike the perfect balance. 
  • Work seriously in pre-boards. Avoid treating pre-boards as internal exams; try to complete your syllabus during this time frame. This will automatically increase your chances of scoring high marks on boards. 
  • Another major point is practical files. This task is time-consuming; therefore, make sure you complete it beforehand in your free hours. 
  • Practise previous year’s question papers and NCERT. Make sure you read NCERT at least two times before going for your boards. 
  • Learn to write answers. Do not rush or scribble through them. Solve the questions in a sequence.
  • While going for board exams, work on your ability to frame answers. 
  • Mention derivations, formulas, and reactions. 
  • Do not skip any questions. 
  • While studying for boards, do not neglect JEE Mains. Take out some time to prepare for it as well. 
  • If you have a weak subject, keep an answer-based approach. 
  • For MCQs, take reference from the NCERT exemplar. 
  • Try to do section C in the beginning. 
  • Practise drawing diagrams.

Last-minute tips for preparing for IIT JEE 2024

  • Stay consistent, and do not lose your confidence. 
  • Take breaks between your study hours. 
  • Revise all the concepts thoroughly. 
  • Do not underestimate the topics. 
  • Keep track of your studies and performance. 
  • Go through previous year’s question papers. 
  • Utilise your time well.
  • Let go of distractions. 
  • Do not waste time on the internet on unnecessary activities. 
  • Meditate if you feel overwhelmed.

Revision strategy

  • Take out at least 2 hours for revision every day. 
  • Stick to the right revision cycle. The day your chapter notes are completed, revise them the next day. Revise the same chapter after 3 days, followed by 7 days. Keep repeating this cycle till you are prepared for each and every topic.  
  • Keep on participating in revision tests. 
  • Sit for at least 2 weekly tests and 1 to 2 monthly tests. 
  • Once you’re done with the tests, a thorough analysis of each and every topic is essential. 
  • During the analysis, follow the cycle: silly mistakes < calculation errors < speed < corrections < doubt clarification.


The IIT JEE is one of the most difficult examinations conducted in India. Due to this, you must start the preparation as soon as possible. We hope this article has helped you strike a balance between your JEE and board exams. It will give you the go-ahead in advance. Nearly lakhs of students appear for the IIT JEE every year. Hence, you must give your all while you prepare for the examination. You should know how to manage your time well.


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