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How to Deal with Exam Pressure

Do you know performance is inversely proportional to pressure? The following are a couple of tips to manage the test pressure. Check now.

Since India’s biggest exam, JEE IIT is just around the corner, it is quite obvious that the aspirants might be under great pressure. The IIT JEE Entrance Examination is one of India’s most important and renowned examinations. It is conducted by the National Testing Agency or NTA. Numerous students are currently preparing to grab a seat in their dream engineering colleges. Although the success rate is comparatively low, it does not affect JEE aspirant’s determination and enthusiasm. There are several reasons why JEE aspirants tend to fail in their first or even second attempts. These include a lack of conceptual understanding and knowledge, the habit of procrastinating, and, most importantly, immense exam pressure and stress.

Before you start preparing for the IIT JEE, there are many questions that hover in your mind, which sometimes build stress. When you prepare for such examinations, there’s a proper sequence that you need to follow to manage stress. To help you deal with exam pressure our experts at Unacademy have jotted down some golden points which toppers have religiously followed. These points have been collected over the years. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Tips for dealing with exam pressure

Do you know performance is inversely proportional to pressure? This also means that if you want to perform exceptionally well in your upcoming NEET exam, you have to get rid of this unnecessary pressure. Although you need a certain amount of pressure to be on your toes an excess of it can directly harm your performance. Here we have listed some crucial tips that you can follow to deal with exam pressure:

  • The first and the most important point is to focus on positive aspects rather than thinking about negative things.

  • It is essential to be focused on only one thing rather than hopping from one chapter to another, since it only breaks concentration and creates exam pressure.

  • Always remember, JEE is just an exam. Also, it is not the only exam you will ever write in life. Therefore, calm yourself and prepare well.

  • Do not treat JEE as the only goal of your life.

  • JEE is one of the toughest exams in the world, where lakhs of students sit every year. It means only 1-2% of them score an enthralling rank, whereas the other 99% get wiped off. Therefore it is crucial to be practical.

  • Set practical targets only for your JEE examination.

  • Remember, exams are not everything. There is a lot beyond that.

  • Rather than creating pressure, focus on consistency.

  • Do give importance to the exam; however, also remember, it is not the end of everything. There is a lot that is going to come in the future.

  • Whatever your goal is, it is important to continuously and consistently work towards it.

  • Do not compromise on your sleep and food.

  • Do not expect immediate results: You need to be patient to see the results of your hard work. Stay with your hard work and determination. You will see the results gradually.

  • Enjoy the process: Make use of your preparation to learn something new every day. Do not focus on the marks or success, rather on what every topic teaches you.

  • Even if you prepare for just two months, you can do it!

  • Do not analyse your result in complete detail.

  • Maintain positivity during the entire IIT journey.


IIT JEE is one of the most competitive exams in India. It is a known fact that nearly lakhs of students appear for the exam every year, but only a quarter of them can crack it. This is because they follow a certain set of strategies and rules that help them reach their target. We have tried to cover all the relevant topics that will help you deal with exam pressure and get a perfect score in your IIT Mains examination. These tips and tricks have been approved by experts for your convenience.

Before you go for the examination, make sure that you have revised the syllabus well. Keep your confidence level up so that you do not have any negative thoughts in your head. Make sure you are patient enough during the whole process of your preparation. Lastly, make sure to give your best shot!


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