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When You Describe Ideas/Thoughts (in Hindi)
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This lesson has idioms which could be used to describe ideas.

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Niharika John Mehra
Niharika J Mehra is a Freelance Personality Development and English Trainer. Having done her MA in Eng. Lit., she is passionate for teaching

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Thanx Mam.I am this year passing to class 10th and I want to become an IAS officer. Can someone suggest me about which books or courses should I follow at this time???

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  3. 1. Harebrained Idea Meaning : an idea or suggestion that is considered to be silly, foolish or totally impractical Eg: You will not progress if you have nothing but harebrained ideas to offer! You have many plans but all are harebrained ideas.

  4. 2. Toy With the Idea Meaning : consider something without giving it serious thought Eg: Sam kept toying with the idea of getting into civil services and now he is over eligibility age. Finally he stopped toying with the idea of buying a Ferrari

  5. 3. Back of Your Mind Meaning : something that you are not thinking about right now but is in your thoughts Eg: At the back of her mind is the fear of loosing the game. He is always at the back of her mind even when she is working.

  6. 4. Change Your Mind Meaning : you change your decision Eg: Harry changed his mind about moving to USA. You need to change your mind regarding this offer.

  7. 5. Take Your Mind Off Meaning: an activity takes your mind off something that is worrying you and it helps you to stop thinking about it for a while. Eg: Tommy took her to the cinema to take her mind off her result. She couldn't take her mind off that dresses.

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