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When You Describe Employment (in Hindi)
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This lesson has idioms which could be used to describe different employment related situations.

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Niharika John Mehra
Niharika J Mehra is a Freelance Personality Development and English Trainer. Having done her MA in Eng. Lit., she is passionate for teaching

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thank you sir aapne Hindi content me GS rakha aise hi sir complete GS Hindi content me Kara dijiye thank you sir

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  3. 1. Back-room Boys Meaning : refers to people who do important work but have no contact with the public Eg: Back-room boys don't always receive the credit they deserve for their work. No industry can stand without good team of back- room boys.

  4. 2. Cream of the Crop Meaning : refers to the best people or things in a particular group graduates were offered the best jobs. why they get big bonus. Eg: As usual, the cream of the crop of this year's a This group is the cream of the crop in office, that's

  5. 3. Number Cruncher Meaning : an accountant or who is very good at -Eg: She's a number cruncher who perfectly working with numbers and calculations understands the organisation's financial situation. Vikas is the number-cruncher of share market

  6. 4. Shape Up or Ship Out Meaning : to wa rn someone that if they do not improve, they will have to leave their job. Eg: When Tom started neglecting the customers, he was told to shape up or ship out. When 10 students failed in class, head-master said to the teacher that shape up or ship ouf

  7. 5. Tricks of the Trade Meaning : refers to a clever or expert way of doing things, especially in a Iob o Eg: He's a tough negotiator; he knows all the tricks of the trade. Raj knows all tricks of the trade of real-estate world.

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