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When You Are Happy (in Hindi)
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This lesson has idioms which could be used when someone is happy and joyful.

Niharika John Mehra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Niharika John Mehra
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Mam..mehra pls discuss in English language also mam please mam..pls identify our concern mam please mam.. Pls.. requesting you form so many eyes pls mam...pls...pls..pls..pls..pls..
Please fix the sentence in Slide no. 5! that is: " She has purchased a new house." Please correct me If I am wrong!
plz mam make video water releted idiom..
Madam,Excellent course . Wren and martin courses are very helpful.
  1. IDIOMS FOR DIFFERENT SITUATIONS 'WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY By- Niharika John Mehra Follow me on : 1192

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  3. 1. On cloud nine Meaning : very happy, cheerful managed to pass it, I was on cloud nine. dream job. -Eg: I was very afraid of the history exam, and when I I was on cloud nine when I got the selected for my

  4. 2. On top of the world Meaning: feeling wonderful, glorious Eg: Since he was promoted to the position he had desired for ages, he feels on top of the world. He felt on the top of the world on winning prize money of 1 Crore in KBC

  5. 3. Full of the joys of spring Meaning : sudden experience of joy and happiness -Eg: Barbara is full of the joys of spring at the moment! She has purchase a new house. Jacob was full of the joys of spring when he got the Visa. He is finally going on world tour.

  6. 4. Jump for joy Meaning: When people jump for joy, they express their happiness through excited movements and gestures Eg: The player jumped for joy when he scored the winning goal. Roy jumped for joy when his name was an best employee of the year nounced for

  7. 5. Over the mo on Meaning : extremely pleased and happy Eg: Jane was over the moon when she held her baby for the first time. We were over the moon when we got our firsf project's payment.

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