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When You Are Angry (in Hindi)
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This lesson has idioms which could be used for expressing anger related situation.

Niharika John Mehra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Niharika John Mehra
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  1. IDIOMS FOR DIFFERENT SITUATIONS 'WHEN YOU ARE ANGRY By- Niharika John Mehra Follow me on : 1192

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  3. 1. Black mood Meaning : to be irritable, angry or even depressed -Eg: You should better keep away from Bill today. He's in a black mood. Bob has been in a black mood since 3 days.

  4. 2. Blow a fuse Meaning : suddenly losing temper and becoming very angry Eg: Sam blew a fuse yesterday when he discoverec that his i-pod had been stolen. The teacher blew a fuse when she saw that kids are being mischievous.

  5. 3. Have a bone to pick Meaning : someone is annoyed and want to talk to the person about it Eg: Boss wants to see Mark. He says he has a bone to pick with him. He left the home saying he has a bone to pick with Roy.

  6. 4. Cut it out! Meaning : telling people to stop doing something Eg: I have had enough of your complaining , so lust cut it out! Cut it out! And tell me how exactly my laptop got damaged.

  7. 5. Drive up the wall Meaning : somebody or something doing thing that greatly annoys or irritates you Egt can't concentrate with all the noise it's driving me up the wall. This loud music is driving us up the wall.

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