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The Marathas
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In this course sikender will be teaching the medival history of India, All the topics have been elaborated while explaining

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  2. The Rise of the Marathas The physical environment of the Maratha country shaped certain peculiar qualities They built a number of forts on the mountains. The spiritual leaders like Tukkaram, Ramdas, Vaman Pandit and Eknath fostered social unity - Credit of establishing a powerful Maratha state goes to Shahji Bhonsle and his son Shivaji

  3. Shivaji (1627-1680) - Shivaji was born at Shivner in 1627. - He attacked the Bijapur kingdom and captured. With Jai Singh and the Treaty of Purander. - Assumed the title Chatrapathi. Shivaji died in 1680.

  4. Shivaji's Administration - Council of ministers called Ashtapradhan - Sar-i-Naubator Senapati - Military commander Amatya - Accountant General, Waqenavis - Intelligence, posts and household affairs,Sachiv Correspondence, Sumanta- ceremonies,Nyayadish - Justice,Panditarao Charities and religious administration Master of Measuring rod called kathi. Chauth and sardeshmukhi were the taxes collected.

  5. Successors of Shivaji War of succession after the death of Shivaji between his sons, Shambaji and Rajaram - The Peshwas (1713-1818) 1. Balaji Viswanath (1713-1720) Baji Rao I (1720-1740) 1. Eldest son of Balaji Viswanath 2. Maratha power reached its zenith 3. Gaekwad at Baroda, the Bhonsle at Nagpur, the Holkars at Indore, the Scindias at Gwalior, and the Peshwas at Poona

  6. Balaji Baji Rao (1740-1761) Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India. Marathas fought very bravely against Ahmad Shah Abdali in the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761.

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