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Delhi Sultanate Part: 2
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In this course , sikender will be teaching the medival history of the India.All the topics have been elaborated while explaining.

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Sir hindi version mein nhi hoti hai kya
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You need lectures in hindi?
  1. Delhi Sultanate part-2

  2. KHILJI DYNASTY: Jalal-ud-din Firoz Khilji (1290-1296 A.D.) He followed the policy of peace. Clemency Jalal-uddin. Jalal-ud-din defeated and arrested the Mongols.

  3. Ala-ud-din Khilji (1296-1316 A.D.) was captured and its ruler Hamir Deva was killed. First Sultan who invaded South India - Built a mosque at Rameswaram. - Successfully repelled the Mongol invasion more than a dozen times. d social parties and use of wine. - Rani Padmini performed Jauhar He followed a harsh policy towards the Hindus

  4. Tughluq Dynasty Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq founder. He captured and imprisoned the Mongol leaders who invaded North India. The crown prince J unakhan succeeded him - Prince Junakhan took up the title Muhammad-bin- Tughluq in 1325 A.D

  5. Domestic Policies - Mohammed-bin-Tughlug raised the taxes in the Doab region. - Transferred his capital from Delhi to Devagiri. Copper currency system was introduced. -Policy of giving huge presents to Tamashirin.

  6. Firoz Tughluq (1351-1388 A.D.) - He collected four important taxes such as 1. Kharaj-1/10 of the produce of the land 2. Khams-1/5 of the warbooty 3. Jizya-Poll Tax 4. Zakat-Tax on Muslims for specific religious purposes. - He built the towns like Firozabad, Fatehabad, Jaunpur and Hissar. He imposed Jizya on the Brahmans.

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